Aditya Shrikrishna | ENS

Mouth-Watering Experience if Not Entertaining for Long

Recently we had Disney’s Frozen, an animated feature putting a spin on Disney’s famed princess stories. That one was ambitious, punched above its weight and successful in almost everything it attempted.

22 Dec 2013

A colossal mess

A comic book adaptation without a single redeeming feature. Think about that. How often does that happen? We get scores of comic book films in a year, most high profile, some low key ones but almost all of them have something going for them.

10 Nov 2013

One glorious, effortless fall

For someone like Alfonso Cuarón who loves to emphasize his universe through long takes and tracking shots,

13 Oct 2013

Little insight into apple founder’s life

Jobs directed by Joshua Michael Stern and starring Ashton Kutcher in the titular role is more like a film made out of the Wikipedia entry of Steve Jobs.

25 Aug 2013