Aditya Shrikrishna

The Record review: When 86,174 felt normal

A fortnightly column on what’s good in the vast ocean of content in the streaming platforms around you

18 Feb 2021

A genteel actor loved equally by all

Ironically, he played J Paul Getty, the rigid and ruthless richest man in the world at that time, who refuses to pay the ransom for his kidnapped grandson.

09 Feb 2021

'Call My Agent!': When two worlds collide

The series might be about cinema — with popular actors making cameos as themselves — but it treads this mirage called work-life balance like it’s any other industry.

04 Feb 2021

On Yeo-jin, Choi Bit, and Geum-ja

It continues to astound just how self-aware Korean TV characters are in most dramas set in the modern day.

22 Jan 2021

The terrific writing in K-dramas

They know the class they belong to, what its pros and cons are, and what they need to do to either climb the echelons or hold on to their position of privilege.

21 Jan 2021

 A voice for the soundless trauma

Tamils registering their voice against the state’s genocide in Sri Lanka as the civil war lasting almost three decades reaches a point of no return. 

08 Jan 2021

'Soundless Dance': The case for greatness

A fortnightly column on what’s good in the vast ocean of content in the streaming platforms around you

07 Jan 2021

Binging 'The Wire': Dogged idealism in a classroom  

One of the often-referenced scenes from The Wire is the one where Wallace, Poot and D’Angelo are talking about Chicken McNuggets.

25 Dec 2020

Biweekly Binge: 'Itaewon Class' dogged idealism in a classroom

This moment plays out for real in the Korean drama Itaewon Class, streaming on Netflix.

24 Dec 2020

'The Undoing' review: A not half-bad introspection of class

Hugh Grant is an inspired casting choice for the role of Jonathan Fraser in the HBO mini-series The Undoing (streaming on Hotstar).

10 Dec 2020

The case for greatness

Vilas is an odd one out in the way young tennis players evolve.

05 Nov 2020

A biting commentary of the American justice system

Over time, Fox becomes a figure fighting illegal incarceration of poor people and people of colour in America.

22 Oct 2020

Cinema as introspection

The writer gives us a glimpse of the ongoing 58th New York Film Festival

25 Sep 2020

Cinema as introspection

The writer writes about Fauna, The Calming, and Hidden which were streamed as part of the ongoing 58th New York Film Festival.

24 Sep 2020

'Matthias & Maxime movie review: Tender is the night

When we first see them together, they occupy a tiny rectangular frame shot from afar, through a window as they are doing the dishes.

10 Sep 2020