Aditya Vaddepalli

Hyderabad food and beverage is seven years behind Mumbai, Delhi

Shaaz Mehmood, owner of Olive Hyderabad, on the issues that are holding back the F&B industry in the city 

18 Sep 2021

Meet Hyderabad's guitar customisers

Dolce Alexander and Shilpa Sivakumaran are making customising musical instruments easy and accessible in Hyderabad.

16 Sep 2021

Have a palate for millet

2023 is going to be the International Year of Millets, according to a resolution that was recently passed by the United Nations and sponsored by India and 70 other countries.

15 Sep 2021

Taking Mahatma Gandhi’s message across borders

After curating the Mahatma Gandhi Digital Museums in Hyderabad, Delhi, Johannesburg and Pietermaritzburg, speaker and curator Birad Yajnik is planning a similar engagement in Kazakhstan.

14 Sep 2021

Taking Bapu’s message across borders

Curator Birad Yajnik is heading to Kazakhstan to create a museum for Mahatma Gandhi

14 Sep 2021

Back with a bang

Kerala-based multi-genre band Thaikkudam Bridge, which recently performed at Financial District, saw a jam-packed venue with fans head-banging to their hit numbers. CE catches up with them backstage  

07 Sep 2021

Hyderabad-based alternative fashion brand Supervek cut from a different cloth

Their clothes and  accessories have an edgy, urban and a counter-culture vibe to them, while the company sticks to a strict homegrown attitude. 

31 Aug 2021

Date like you mean it

Does online dating intimidate you? Fret not, city-based dating guru Varun Mannava has got you covered

31 Aug 2021

Painting the town red

You must have seen his work while travelling around the city. Now, learn about street art from artist Abhedya Bhagawan

26 Aug 2021

Hip-hop artistes reppin’ Hyderabad

These rappers are taking the art form back to its roots and are more conscious with their content

21 Aug 2021

Global sensation Mohini Dey talks about her musical journey as a teenager, her wish to collaborate with Bruno Mars

Global sensation and bass guitarist Mohini Dey speaks to CE about her musical journey as a teenager, how she forwent a career in fashion designing and her upcoming album that will feature guitar wizar

17 Aug 2021

Cheat sheet to sushi eating

Two top sushi chefs in the city break down the art of making and eating one of the most polarising dishes of today’s time

14 Aug 2021

Calisthenics raises the bar

Calisthenics is cost-effective, doesn’t need much space, is easy to learn and best of all, makes you strong.

12 Aug 2021

A ‘Messi’ Exit

Football fans in Hyderabad have a lot to say about the Argentinian's unceremonious departure from FC Barcelona. Some are heartbroken, while some say it's for the best.

11 Aug 2021

Be kind to your mind

The event was aimed at making mental health information accessible and making mental health conversations easier.

10 Aug 2021