Ajai Sahni

Partisan political games, communal polarisation main threats in Punjab

The principal threat in Punjab is intentional partisan political destabilisation, the politics of communal polarisation.

11 Mar 2023

Pak’s decades-long misadventures a crushing burden on Islamabad

The costs of Pakistan’s decades-long misadventures have now brought a crushing burden to bear on Islamabad.

10 Feb 2023

Despite political hand-holding, China does not have it easy in Nepal

Eventually, of course, China could bring far greater resources to bear in its efforts to force Nepal into its sphere of influence—particularly with a sympathetic government in place.

13 Jan 2023

Minority radicalisation bigger threat to national security

While such incidents are to be expected, the reality is that the threat of Islamist terrorism in India has been marginalised.

10 Dec 2022

Pakistan's removal from Grey List signals shift in western position on India

What this meant was that Pakistan’s compliance with the FATF's 'conditionalities' was, at best, notional, and the evidence would be visible to any effort in good faith to ascertain the realities.

29 Oct 2022

Tiger can’t slouch in face of menacing dragon

It is useful to recall the trajectory of the Doraleh Base at Djibouti, which started as a commercial and logistics base in 2017.

27 Aug 2022