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COVID-19: Concern over fewer jabs for frontline workers in Mysuru 

The pace of vaccination continues to be slow in Mysuru, especially at government centres, with a large number of healthcare and frontline workers yet to get their second dose.

19 Jul 2021

This Mysuru man is recycling kindness

As the pandemic ravaged the world, it threw up one little golden nugget of truth: that humanity is alive and well.

18 Jul 2021

Mysuru: PDS ration being claimed by proxies

They said complaints were lodged with food and civil supplies officials at Bengaluru as well as at its office in Mysuru and also with the DC’s office.

26 Jun 2021

Oxygen diktats leave Mysuru industries high and dry

Chandrashekhar said he has been allotted two cylinders alone and asked to file a request with District Industries Centre for every refill.

21 Jun 2021

How this gritty differently-abled man from Mysuru changed course of his life

Siddaraju, a native of Belagola on the outskirts of Mysuru city, was a busy mason until disaster struck in the form of a life-threatening nerve disorder that left him disabled.

20 Jun 2021

Numbers just don’t add up; Mysuru Covid death figures raise questions

According to data sourced from the DES, Mysuru district recorded a total of 1,222 deaths in March 2021, while in March 2020, there were 893 deaths.

17 Jun 2021

Many hold on to oxygen concentrators, leaves people gasping for breath

With restrictions on procuring oxygen cylinders and concerns over bed availability, many are now hoarding oxygen concentrators, refusing to even return those taken on rent.

20 May 2021

Mysuru farmers waiting for Kerala's Pinarayi govt to clear dues

With the Pinarayi Vijayanled government set to come to power in Kerala again, far away in Mysuru, a group of farmers are eagerly waiting for his government to take oath.

19 May 2021

Why this Chandigarh doctor chose Mysuru for Covid duty

Dr Harsha, who hails from a family of agriculturists in Mandya district, is pursuing his MD in Radiodiagnosis at PGIMER, Chandigarh.

13 May 2021

Specialised mask can save oxygen, but in short supply

Non-rebreather (NRB) masks are used among patients on oxygen. But even government hospitals are not being given the device, citing a shortage.

09 May 2021

Karnataka plasma warriors bringing light into people’s lives

They are the guiding lights amid the dark pandemic times --being a bridge between plasma donors and needy patients.

01 May 2021

Haven’t seen my kids for a year, says oxygen tanker driver

Majhi has been behind the wheel of oxygen tankers for the past 20 years, but says he has never seen so much demand or done so many trips in his entire career.

01 May 2021

Mysuru: Hospitals send kin of patients to get Remdesivir

Amid claims by authorities, families of patients, including those from economically weaker backgrounds, are being made to search for the drug citing lack of stock.

29 Apr 2021

Mysuru: After losing mother, sisters hunt for oxygen for ailing father

While authorities insist that the pandemic is under control in Mysuru, two women lost their mother on April 15 as they could not find a bed in time.

25 Apr 2021

Tribal hamlets of Karnataka keep apprehensions at bay, fare better in vaccination drive

These communities are now turning into a model for those living in urban zones where the vaccine supply chain is active but has failed to reach a significant share of the population.

22 Apr 2021

Defence Food Research Laboratory tackles space food waste issue

The food will be put into specially designed desiccated packages and can be eaten after filling the packets with water.

05 Apr 2021

Postgraduate tribal girl from Karnataka works as farm hand to chase her KAS dream

But the road ahead is tough as she does not have enough money to fund her coaching classes.

30 Mar 2021

For these ryots, farming tough, but finding brides tougher

Despite struggling hard for years, both were denied marriage alliances with girls’ families preferring someone with a job in the government or private sector.

22 Mar 2021

Mysuru: Patient’s viscera tests COVID positive 36 days after death

The person had tested positive at HD Kote taluk hospital in September 2020. Doctors there advised the person to approach the district hospital in Mysuru for treatment, but the patient returned home.

20 Mar 2021

Scientists were inspiration for Mysuru doctor couple

 People like two-time Nobel prize winning scientist Marie Curie were Dr D R Mahadeshwara Prasad’s inspiration.

07 Jan 2021

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