Ajith MS

Karnataka's physically challenged snake man shows no fear in duty

The ease with which Girish M performs his task belies the fact that his movement is constrained, and he needs his crutches.

16 May 2021

Returning favour: Doctor volunteers free of cost at Mysuru Covid hospital which saved his mother

When words come up short to express gratitude to health workers, who are involved in saving thousands of lives amid the pandemic, actions speak.

13 May 2021

Mysuru: Starving and sick, 70-year-old home-alone retired teacher rescued

According to him, with the pandemic, it was tough to find a place to put her in care, since such centres have stopped admissions.

01 May 2021

ASHA worker who died of anaemia in Mysuru had approached health department: Kin

The family had to shift Cheluvamma from a private hospital as they fell short of money. She died the next day after being moved to a government facility.

29 Mar 2021

Target for ASHA workers in Mysuru district: Get 10 seniors for COVID-19 vaccination

The move comes at a time when the third phase of vaccination is yet to pick up, especially among senior citizens in villages and hinterlands.

15 Mar 2021

It’s ‘chicken feed’ at Mysuru zoo... tigers turn lazy

Carnivores are the most active and ferocious creatures, but at the Mysuru zoo, they have turned lazy and inactive because of the recent change in their diet to only chicken.

18 Feb 2021

Drama adaptation of Bhyrappa's Parva to have subtitles to attract non-Kannadiga audience

The theatre repertoire Rangayana in Mysuru has been working on adapting noted writer Bhyrappa's Parva, a modern rendition of the Mahabharata, which has already been translated into several languages.

21 Jan 2021

NGO Hasiru Dala takes books to ragpickers' kids in Mysuru, hopes to reduce dropouts

To children of ragpickers in Mysuru city, Chaitra’s two-wheeler signalled that the magical world of books had arrived, and was of great help even during the lockdown.

21 Dec 2020

Rural folk hesistant to undergo Covid-19 vaccine trials, say experts

Factors such as education level, fear of outcome affects attitudes; there is time to educate people, officials say

28 Nov 2020

COVID-19 effect: Bengaluru's IT/ITeS firms eye office space in Mysuru to trim costs

With a readily available talent pool, many firms are on the lookout for office spaces in the city and some have moved operations.

14 Sep 2020

Coivd 19: Mandya starts doorstep collection of samples

At a time when Mandya is yet again seeing a three-digit case spike in cases, people, especially those from rural hinterlands, are reportedly hesitating to come for testing.

08 Sep 2020

Second in Karnataka in COVID-19 mortalities, Mysuru struggles to turn the tide

However, the mortality rate is not showing any signs of decline even as cities like Mysuru have reported a sharp drop in deaths over the same period.

31 Aug 2020

With business in stupor, migrants struggle for PDS rations

Say ‘One Nation One Ration’ card scheme of no help; as per food and civil supplies dept, many states yet to adopt system

19 Aug 2020

Mandya gets its first plasma bank amid rise in cases in neighbouring Karnataka districts

The Mandya Institute of Medical Science had already set up the infrastructure to extract plasma a year ago, which is now being used to treat critical Covid patients.

17 Aug 2020

Mysuru's KR Hospital gets ventilators, but lacks oxygen lines

According to officials, the issue has cropped up as KR Hospital has only 100 beds with oxygen support which need to be plugged into the ventilator.

07 Aug 2020

Six clades of SARS-CoV-2 virus identified in Karnataka

The conclusion is based on sequencing of the virus at the Neurovirology department of NIMHANS where the genomes of the virus taken from samples of patients in eight districts were studied.  

21 Jul 2020

Gut-wrenching: Estate worker walks 140 km with baby from Mysuru, but can’t reach Tamil Nadu

Each worker earned around Rs 10,000 a month. But when the work season ended around mid-March, there was no income. 

07 May 2020

Mysuru Crosses hurdles to keep Covid under lid

Since it was a new facility and we all had to work wearing PPEs, it was difficult to attend to patients.

03 May 2020

Coronavirus scare: Eight medical students from Karnataka set to return from China

Mysuru resident BS Kishan, who is part of the group, said they were rushing back since there are reports that there will not be any flights to India from February 2.

30 Jan 2020

Industries in Old Mysuru see dip in power consumption

According to the data, the power demand during 2018-19 financial year has fallen at an alarming rate when compared to 2017-18.

14 Nov 2019

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