Akram Mohammed | ENS

Caution: Unscientific Speedbreaker Ahead

Driving on the road, if you cannot spot a speedbreaker until you are right in front of it, it does not satisfy the guidelines of IRC.

18 Dec 2015

Bangalore Cops to Ditch 'Cumbersome' Blackberrys

They opt for Personal Digital Assistants to book traffic offenders

17 Dec 2015

Delay in Formation of State Madrassa Board Hurts Karnataka Students

Even though there are options for students studying in Madarssas to complete certified courses.

16 Dec 2015

Intolerance is Keyword on Day 1 of Bangalore Literature Festival

The first day of the two-day Bangalore Literature Festival was marked by attempts to define and understand ‘intolerance’.

06 Dec 2015

Sad Day When Government Vilifies Writers,Rues Shashi Deshpande at Bangalore Lit Fest Opening

Writers have become easy targets for violent attacks, well-known novelist Shashi Deshpande said here on Saturday.

06 Dec 2015

If it Pours, Bangaloreans Have Nowhere to Run

Though located in a ‘safe zone’ geographically, Bengaluru will do well to be prepared for a flood-like situation, similar to Chennai.

05 Dec 2015

Netizens Criticise Bengaluru Town Planning Aftermath of Chennai Flood

The disaster in Chennai is a consequence of poor urban planning, many observed on Facebook and Twitter on Thursday.

04 Dec 2015

Governor Kept in Dark About Four KSOU Lecturers' Deputation

Four lecturers of the Karnataka State Open University (KSOU) have been deputed as deputy registrars, allegedly in violation of directions issued by the Governor.

10 Oct 2015

'KSOU Jeopardising Students' Future': UGC

Even after being derecognised by the University Grants Commission, the Karnataka State Open University does not appear to be keen to set things right.

05 Oct 2015

BJP Hopes to Make a Clean Sweep in Yelahanka This Time Too

BJP is looking to win all the wards in Yelahanka constituency this time too like it did in 2010. .

16 Aug 2015

It Cannot Get Any Worse In Shivajinagar

Nothing worries the residents of Shivajinagar Assembly constituency as much as their locality’s cleanliness.

14 Aug 2015

Here's Why Banning Porn is Futile in India

In messages circulated on private groups, the tech-savvy have resorted to Virtual Private Networks and other methods to watch porn online.

04 Aug 2015

Amendments Will Make Lokayukta Toothless

With the state government planning to amend the Karnataka Lokayukta Act, 1984, following a crisis of confidence in the anti-corruption watchdog.

23 Jul 2015

'Textbooks Feeding Gender Stereotypes'

The curriculum taught in government primary schools of the state feeds gender stereotypes among children, a report has warned.

22 Jul 2015