Alisha Rahaman Sarkar

PM Modi's first foreign trip in over a year and the importance of a village 180 km from Dhaka

This is perhaps for the first time in the history of an Indian election that a leader will use foreign soil in an attempt to secure his party's vote bank.

23 Mar 2021

Manoranjan Byapari: From rickshaw puller, cook and author to TMC's MLA bet from Balagarh

One of the finest voices of Dalit literature, Manoranjan Byapari has been writing for the people who live on the margins since the 80s. Now, he says he wants to do something for them.

20 Mar 2021

Will the farmers who paved Mamata's road to power in Bengal now be her nemesis?

The epicentre of Mamata’s rise to power -- Nandigram -- is again at the heart of the “Battle for Bengal”

12 Mar 2021

Remixing songs, reinventing a party: How the Left is trying to draw Bengal's millennials

The Left have come a long way from 'Tomar naam aamar naam Vietnam' in the 60s to 'Tumpa sona' in 2021 -- a switch that many say is reflected in their party as well

09 Mar 2021

Bauls of Bengal: BJP, TMC and the not-so-musical pre-election culture wars

Battered by the relentless 'outsider' jibes from the Trinamool camp, the BJP is doing everything they can to prove they understand the tenets of Bengaliness.

02 Mar 2021

Can Asaduddin Owaisi pull off another Bihar in Bengal?

Owaisi's influence in Bengal remains limited to the Urdu-speaking upper-caste Muslims. For the rest of Bengal, language will be his first barrier. 

24 Feb 2021

India no country for women? Here's what the National Family Health Survey reveals

The survey carried out across 6.1 lakh sample households had significant pointers on how women are girls are treated in India. So, what does it reveal?

04 Feb 2021

'Is Modi afraid of Mamata?': Hurt by CAA delay, Matuas weigh options before Bengal polls

The 1.8 crore-strong Matua community has a direct impact on almost 70 Assembly seats in Bengal. Once with the Trinamool, they shifted their allegiance to the BJP in 2019.

30 Jan 2021

The Great Indian women banking challenge: Will banks come forward and take it up now?

A study undertaken by McKinsey revealed that if women participate equally it will provide the world's economy a GDP boost of $28 trillion by 2025. 

28 Jan 2021

Gay cruising in the City of Joy: A quest for touch amidst Covid-19

During the lockdown, a sense of loneliness crept slowly into our lives and made its way into our hearts, refusing to leave. More so for the LGBTQ community.

09 Jan 2021

NGOs come together to support trans community in Kolkata

29-year-old D Chatterjee, the only breadwinner in her family, lost her job as a dancer at weddings soon after the government of India put a halt to gatherings.

08 Jan 2021

No Ritu Kumar, all Muslim women don't wear hijab

The politics of a headscarf, a piece of clothing deeply-rooted in Islamic patriarchy, is far from simple.

05 Jan 2021

How women across the world led stories of resistance in 2020

Several of these protests may have failed and some met with brute force, but society has witnessed women's collective anger and it will never be the same

01 Jan 2021

Covid and personalisation of the Big Fat Indian wedding

Simran Patel, 27, had been planning her perfect day for more than a year. The guest list, the songs, the food to be served -- she had it all sorted. And then Covid lockdown struck!

22 Dec 2020

Mantram Beach review: Finding solace in the ordinary

CEO-turned-poet Arun Kumar’s book of poetry is also an affirmation of hope at a time when the world is relentlessly seeking a sense of normal.

14 Dec 2020

Can a data-driven tool help transform rural India? Shell and Tata think so

The "Stages of Development (SoD) Framework" tool will aid start-ups, philanthropists and investors working in rural India.

11 Dec 2020

Farmers' protest: 'Over 1 lakh letters/emails sent to PM, how can he be unaware?'

If the government can strike down 74 labour laws, why can't they do the same with farm laws, All India Kisan Sangharsh Coordination Committee member Hannan Mollah asked.

02 Dec 2020

Bihar polls 2020: The curious case of Chirag Paswan, the Modi bhakt who quit NDA

The untimely death of Ram Vilas Paswan, days ahead of the Bihar polls may have come as a jolt to his grieving son, but is also an opportunity for the blue-eyed politician to lead from the fore

03 Nov 2020

Access, engagement and learning key while crafting remote-learning solutions: Dr Rukmini Banerji

"For a large section of population in rural India, classes cannot go online due to lack of devices and connectivity," said Dr Banerji, CEO of Pratham.

23 Sep 2020

Has fighting COVID-19 with a six-city flight ban helped West Bengal?

A closer look at the state government's policy to prohibit entry of COVID-19 cases from outside Bengal highlights several loopholes.

25 Aug 2020

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