Amar Bhushan

Hijab Row: A Stepping Stone to Anarchy

The refusal by six girls of a college in Kundapura in the Udupi district of Karnataka to attend classes without wearing hijab has kicked a major communal storm, keeping the police on toes.

25 Feb 2022

When Prime Minister Modi became a sitting duck

Those 20 minutes in Punjab could have been a nightmare for the nation. Thankfully, PM returned safe. Imagine, what would be going through in his mind during those fateful moments.

22 Jan 2022

How Polls Define the Idea of a Welfare State 

Come elections, politicians start raining money sourced from taxpayers who ironically count very little at hustings.

24 Dec 2021

CBI & ED chiefs’ tenure extension warranted?

The government in its wisdom has recently allowed directors of CBI and ED, and secretaries of Defence, Home, MEA and R&AW to serve up to five and four years respectively.

27 Nov 2021

Developments in Afghanistan are no surprise

That Taliban was born, brought up, and armed in Pakistan was never a secret. Americans knew it all along and so did the world.

02 Oct 2021

Furore over Pegasus self-destructive

The Monsoon Session of Parliament was ransacked by the Opposition, calling use of Pegasus spyware an attack on their freedom and privacy.

04 Sep 2021

Remember Fr Swamy for only right reasons

Stanislaus Lourduswamy, a boy born in Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu, became in due course a Jesuit priest and tribal rights activist.

31 Jul 2021

West Bengal violence a new low in Indian politics

In the week-long mayhem, 37 BJP workers were allegedly killed, hundreds sustained injuries, shops were looted, houses burnt and women assaulted by TMC goons.

03 Jul 2021

Why not write an obituary for the CBI?

The CBI is called the Central Bureau of Investigation but does not have federal character.

05 Jun 2021

India needs to be real about the crisis

A crisis brings out the worst and best out of individuals and institutions. Covid-19 is one such crisis.

30 Apr 2021

State polls and national security

On May 2, four states and one Union Territory will elect their new assemblies. Of these, the final outcome will seriously impact the states that border Bangladesh.

03 Apr 2021

LoC ceasefire: Don’t go overboard

New Delhi’s post-ceasefire reaction has been quite sensible; there will be no let-up in anti-terror operations, troops won’t be moved back from the border.

06 Mar 2021

Punish those who shamed India on R-Day

The Red Fort was ransacked and religious flags were raised in the close proximity of the Tricolour, undermining its dignity and honour.

06 Feb 2021

Farmers’ agitation a recipe for Anarchy

Neither Minimum Support Price (MSP) nor Agriculture Produce Market Committee (APMC) have been abolished.

02 Jan 2021

Why fuss over ‘Love Jihad’?

Conversion of Hindus to other faiths is a historical reality and will continue, given the nature of our society and the Constitution.

04 Dec 2020

Assam takes a bold education initiative

Similarly, Sanskrit tols (institutes) will be converted into centres of learning and research in Indian culture and civilisation. The transition will be completed in six months.

07 Nov 2020

Indian police vilified more than what they deserve 

They see politics and mala-fide intent everywhere and have not even spared the court for acquitting all accused in the Babri mosque demolition case.

10 Oct 2020

Freedom of Speech v/s National Security

Right to freely express is a gift of the Indian Constitution to its citizens but we have been vandalising it with impunity.

19 Sep 2020

Indian secularism far from 'ideal', all brinkmanship

An ideal secular state is essentially atheist, wherein religious organisations neither exercise political authority nor receive any privileges from governments, religious holidays are not prescribed.

21 Aug 2020

Reforming Indian Police is an Illusion

A policeman has really no choice but to compromise with criminals, politicians and numerous others who claim entitlement to circumvent law, to survive.

25 Jul 2020

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