Amritha K R

Passion for Watches Keeps Him Ticking

Mohan Sundaram’s interest in collecting watches ever since he was a kid, has now made him the proud owner of a rare collection, including Seiko Cartier and Longines

02 Jan 2015

3 Years On, Pulicat Lake Rides Just As Dangerous

There are benches under cement umbrellas, toilets and shuttered commercial buildings, all overgrown with weeds and creepers and decaying paint.

28 Dec 2014

Int’l Students Turn Chefs on IIT Campus

On International Day, international students at IIT, set up stalls and cooked their native foods — be it Japanese soup or German pancakes — for their fellow mates and teachers

04 Nov 2014

Sewage Pumping Station Plan Raises a Stink

Teachers at the Government Primary School in Annai Sivagami Nagar fear that the facility coming up on the premises might force parents to pull out their kids, owing to the risk of accidents, besides hygiene issues

20 Oct 2014

5,700 Schools in TN Lack Toilets: Survey

Chennai fares the best with all the institutions having loos

28 Sep 2014

For Dharmapuri Lads, City offers Not Just Metro Buzz But Escape from Caste Tag

While the intercaste marriage of Divya and Ilavarasn after their elopement, had isolated the Dalits, they point out that its not always like that.

16 Sep 2014

Black Ganeshas Big Draw Ahead of Festivities This Time

From gigantic 10-foot high idols that jut into to the skies to little mud ones, the idols crowd around every bit of space from the road side junctions to people’s bedrooms.

26 Aug 2014

A Picture of Modi's Model Village

The PM was talking about adopting one village in every district of the country and converting them into a model village.

17 Aug 2014

Lone Pupil Keeps Malayalam Spirit Alive in Presidency

When a student walked into the Malayalam department of Presidency College last week seeking admission, it brought new life not only to the abandoned classrooms of the department but also to the cobweb-ridden corridors of the languages section of the college.

06 Aug 2014

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