Anagha M

Going solo: Guitarist Paraj Singh shares 'vocal' ambitions

After playing for bands such as Flaw and Order and Rainburn, the artiste now turns singer-songwriter with his debut EP, Inara.

01 Nov 2020

INTERVIEW | Anoushka Shankar playing for love, friendship, family

Anoushka Shankar talks about the worth of female friendships, family and music in her life.

14 Feb 2020

Digital revolution: DGTL festival heads to Bengaluru

'We are a fully vegetarian festival and never use single-use plastics,' says, director of DGTL festival, Gerke de Groot.

12 Jan 2020

Drag show: Pride of the party at Delhi's Kitty KO

As an open and safe space for the LGBTQ+, these parties are a haven for members of the community and allies.

21 Sep 2019

The promised land

Writer Suketu Mehta is angry. Angry about border policies, the portrayal of immigrants and at the state of global politics.

24 Aug 2019

In transition

PCRC’s characteristically retro Hindi music-inspired electronica-meets-Sam Cooke vibe is complemented with their eclectic album covers.

10 Mar 2019

In transition to electronic soundscapes

The band recently announced their new album, Bismillah, that they define as a culmination of their creative journey so far.

01 Mar 2019

As colourful as Lisbon: Jesse Harris

Today, the artiste has 14 albums, along with several collaborations and movie soundtracks to his name.

06 Jan 2019

Pop goes Nucleya

Although known as the spearhead for bass music in India, Nucleya says he finds the label inhibiting.

14 Dec 2018

JMS Mani inaugurates Vidya Sundar’s art show

Kerala-born and Chennai-based artist Vidya Sundar likes to portray cosmic harmony and the beauty of nature through her work.

27 Oct 2018

Graphic detail

Appupen’s new novel, The Snake And The Lotus, explores the hubris of the human race through his unique style and imagery 

16 Mar 2018

Wiz kid

The rapper opens up about his upcoming album, Rolling Papers 2,before his visit to India

29 Dec 2017

Toeing the line

Improv comedy is almost synonymous with the cult TV show Whose Line Is It Anyway. Apart from his comedy, Greg is also known to be the voice of cartoon Bob the Builder.

08 Dec 2017

Starry eyed

This platform gives you a chance to spend time with your favourite celebrity

24 Dec 2016

Urban bespoke launches with a new line based on nature

27 Sep 2016

Room for love away from prying eyes

Renting rooms with your significant other made easier

23 Sep 2016

Instagram Edits to keep your lifestyle updates going

Make the most of Instagram with these apps to bring life to some of your photos

26 Aug 2016