Anand Neelakantan

‘Spirituality’ Could be the New Sunrise Sector

The Desi Oon Initiative with its diverse and creative product line is a much needed impetus for the greatly neglected indigenous wool

25 Feb 2022

Book review | '10 flash points 20 years' is a saga of India’s security

Rich insights into 10 developments—from nuclear tests to reorganisation of Jammu & Kashmir—that shaped the nation

19 Feb 2022

Show progressive mentality and criminalise marital rape

It is strange to cling to an archaic colonial-era law for a country that had given many progressive rights to its women even before the so-called liberal western counterparts had done so.

12 Feb 2022

A country is doomed if its youth is not moved by idealism

A toxic controversy is brewing in Mangalore, Karnataka, that can further fracture the fault lines of our society.

29 Jan 2022

Prevent Youths’ Exposure to Religious Hatred that’s Worse than Narcotic

A few weeks ago, two people were lynched to death in Punjab over the charges of sacrilege in two separate incidents.

15 Jan 2022

Marthanda Varma, Battle of Colachel and why it's time to rewrite India’s Delhi-centric history

Much of India’s social fissures can be traced to the Delhi-centric history telling. Remeber it was the capital of Zamorin that the European explorers sought when they thought about India and not Delhi

01 Jan 2022

In a democracy, armed forces aren’t above the people

If it is only in the scale of the firepower that we will dominate the terrorists and not in the ethical or moral values, then there is no difference between them and us.

18 Dec 2021

India needs agricultural reforms but federalism is the key

The three controversial farm laws have finally been withdrawn. These were the laws passed in Parliament, and repealed by the sheer power of street protests.

04 Dec 2021

Time to repeal the colonial era sedition law

Recently, a Bollywood star made a controversial remark about India’s freedom struggle. She called India’s Independence as alms given by the British.

20 Nov 2021

Pakistan is crazy. Should we follow them into the same lunatic asylum?

The kind of jingoism exhibited by either side is sickening. It is as if the wounds of Partition are still haunting us even after seven-and-a-half decades.

07 Nov 2021

Choose a government bold enough to crush the medieval fanatics

The recent attacks on Hindus and Sikhs in Kashmir are disturbingly similar to the early months of 1990.

22 Oct 2021

Drug users need counselling, not criminal punishment

The criminalisation of drug use is supposed to protect the user from the harmful effects of drugs, but such an act can only harm the user. 

09 Oct 2021

Time to shift to a Presidential system

Democracy is vital for India, but we can’t be proud of how it is practised now. 

26 Sep 2021

Heart-centric, Not Smart-centric will Finally Win the Day for India

If we allow one-third of our citizens to go hungry when sufficient grains are available with us, how can we call the system ‘smart’?

12 Sep 2021

A modern secular India has no place for religious education

Religions, claim the scriptures, are revealed by the omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent God or gods, making them irrefutable and infallible.

28 Aug 2021

The debate should shift to rationalisation of quota

The Union government recently announced 27 percent reservation for OBC and 10 percent reservation for the economically weaker societies in medical courses.

14 Aug 2021

India needs to reform its culture to excel in sports

India is continuing its dismal Olympic performance this time too. Since the inception of the Olympics in 1900. In the last 121 years, we have got 28 medals till 2016.

31 Jul 2021

Encourage private enterprise, not at the cost of basic facilities to people

Recently, Kitex, the world’s third-largest supplier of infant wear, announced the withdrawal of a Rs 3,500-crore expansion plan from Kerala, alleging harassment by the state government.

16 Jul 2021

Menace of dowry that is ingrained in Indian 'tradition'

There could be no people on earth who are bigger hypocrites than Indians when it comes to how we treat women.

03 Jul 2021

India's recurring monsoon tragedy

While city roads become raging rapids, drainage flows into one's drawing room, and people start cursing the rain, in villages, the floods wash away homes and livelihood.

18 Jun 2021

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