Anantha Narayan

Lives and Legacies of the living dead

All I can say is, some names are better off dead. There’s no need to exhume the remains.

05 Aug 2016

Decoding the Legend

To give you an Indian perspective, Ali was a bit like Gavaskar. He faced the toughest opponents and deserves the tag.

20 Jun 2016

Captain of Laughs

He’s the guy who’d mix-up Lionel Messi with Lion Dates Mixie, Selfie with Selvi, Kung Fu Panda with Kunguma Poo Bonda.

09 May 2016

Mulling over Malabar

18 Oct 2015

Losing My Religion

10 Oct 2015

Pride of Lions

03 Oct 2015

One Man, Many Faces

26 Sep 2015

Epic Discoveries

12 Sep 2015

The Pichai Reboot

22 Aug 2015

Code Word

From Deep Throat to Beast, jargons and code words have always caught our fancy. Here are a few more khufia ones

08 Aug 2015

The Emperor's Tale

18 Jul 2015

Our Greek Debt

While Greece Owes a whopping $353 billion to its creditors, here are a few things that the world owes to the country

11 Jul 2015

Gender Benders

04 Jul 2015

Who am I?

26 Jun 2015

Language at Source

Telugu is derived from Ten-ungu. ‘Ten’ in Proto-Dravidian means ‘South’. And therefore, Tenungu means ‘Southerners’

19 Jun 2015

Poles Apart

06 Jun 2015

Rotten Apple Syndrome

30 May 2015

Hu's Who of China

23 May 2015

Need for Swede

12 May 2015

Being Bird-brained

02 May 2015

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