Anirban Ganguly

Jammu and Kashmir poll results highlight the spirit of integration

While his detractors attempted to retard the process, PM Modi continued to lay the foundations of that new vision and to win the peoples’ confidence and support.

02 Jan 2021

Modi redirects our collective attention to Sri Aurobindo

I cannot recollect when it was the last time that the Prime Minister of India, in a prime-time radio talk, spoke of Sri Aurobindo.

04 Dec 2020

Brokering game between the hand and the sickle

He said that civil defence structures needed to be put in place and that there were several reports of internal sabotage to India’s response to the Chinese aggressions.

07 Nov 2020

Left and Congress repeatedly fail to see core reasons for their decline

In a long interview, he once gave to a leading Bengali news channel in 2009, late former President of India Pranab Mukherjee made a very interesting observation.

10 Oct 2020

Congress being sacrificed to perpetuate a self-obsessed family

The spectre of having to seat in the Opposition for 50 years is anathema to the Congress.

12 Sep 2020

The soul of India triumphs with Ram Temple inauguration

India’s spiritual corpus is vast, it extends beyond the oceans, it cuts across political limitations.

15 Aug 2020

Regarding China, what Aurobindo saw Nehru could not and now what PM Modi sees Rahul cannot

You mean to say that a man devoted to meditation and contemplation, sitting in one corner of India, said this about the intentions of Communist China as early as 1950? President Kennedy asked...

19 Jul 2020

Discover inspiring analogies in history to promote Indianness 

In exploring this link with Bengal and Gujarat, let us begin with Sri Aurobindo.

20 Jun 2020

Narendra Modi’s India refuses to be echo of any other, any longer

Prime Minister Narendra Modi was the first global leader to publicly call for a fresh look at the contours and narrative of globalisation.

23 May 2020

Reflecting on the Mother’s Life, Legacy and Contribution

In later years, Mirra would come across as the perfect blend of the West and East, and one of the most magnetic interpreters of the East to the West.

27 Apr 2020

Politics amid the right to practice religion

This has become pattern in the last few years in West Bengal in which Hindus are being prevented from observing religious days and occasions, especially in areas in which they are a minority.

22 Feb 2020

Ordinary Bengali sees an alternative in Modi

The election campaign for 2019 is reaching its final lap.

13 May 2019

The countless narratives that plague the impossibility of a third front

The TMC too will face an existential challenge from within, with factions and powerful syndicates clashing among themselves.

07 Apr 2018