Anirban Ganguly

Unclear Why Some Political Parties Oppose CAA

It also was unclear on what basis or what drove parties such as the BSP to oppose the passage of the Bill.

21 Dec 2019

Ayodhya verdict: Defeat for cartels of discord

Kashmir disappointed them. There was no conflagration, no conflict and the separatist agendas could find no expression since August 5.

23 Nov 2019

Taking a step towards being ourselves

Union Home Minister Amit Shah echoes our nationalist thinkers and educators in the past.

26 Oct 2019

Congress leaders lack knowledge of own history

Despite the Congress’s hurdles, despite Communists and Naxals trying to prevent it, PM Modi did just that and received resounding support.

28 Sep 2019

End of Article 370: Finally, equal opportunity and benefit for all

The defanging and abrogation of Article 370 and the altering of the status of the region brought to fruition the dream of seeing India integrated from the Himalayas to the Indian Ocean.

01 Sep 2019

A nationalist narrative

For those who wish to embark on a deeper quest to internalise the essence of the evolution of Bharat Mata, this is one work that cannot be ignored.

01 Sep 2019

Ordinary Bengali sees an alternative in Modi

The election campaign for 2019 is reaching its final lap.

13 May 2019

The countless narratives that plague the impossibility of a third front

The TMC too will face an existential challenge from within, with factions and powerful syndicates clashing among themselves.

07 Apr 2018