Anita Nair

To be human and humane

 It isn’t still light as I write this and the skies have opened with thunder, lightning and a relentless rain.

29 Apr 2020

From Empathy Comes Words Hard to Forget

At most lit-fests, the audience engagement at the end of each session is sometimes the most dynamic and invigorating part of the session.

13 Feb 2016

Children of Chaos

Set in Spain of the late 1970s, Javier Cercas’ book tells the story of three lives irrevocably entwined in misery

07 Mar 2015

Of the Many Flavours Lost to English Translation

I come from a region in the southern tip of Malabar and speak in a dialect referred to as Valluvadan Malayalam.

21 Feb 2015

Shots of Urban Pain That Lack Punch

Passion Flower hints at what could have been, but only delivers a bloodless telling By anita nair

16 Aug 2014