Anto T Joseph

South’s shrinking political power & the women reservation bill

But the Sengol drew a blank on Nehru’s irreverence to the ultimate symbol of India’s transfer of power from the British.

25 Sep 2023

How a breakfast could herald a healthy, egalitarian society

When political parties in power decide to feed the hungry, it is natural for others to feel edgy. 

28 Aug 2023

Caste sharks yet to be maimed, social justice remains an illusion

When a Dalit hoists the Tricolour with sovereign authority, caste-based narcissism vaults like a hungry jallikattu bull and gores national pride.

14 Aug 2023

It’s no drunken stupor, we deserve a better liquor policy in TN

Tamil Nadu’s Ministry for Prohibition and Excise is a profound paradox. It’s no less brazen than demanding light and darkness simultaneously from the sun.

24 Jul 2023

Rasam with tomatoes will remain a luxury for a while

Like in many other states, the distribution of cash and liquor during elections is no big news in Tamil Nadu; the suppression of assets and liabilities of candidates is only a court matter.

10 Jul 2023

TN Minister’s arrest: How probe agencies yield political gains

When I wrote about the ‘Role of probe agencies and the curious case of Tamil Nadu’ in this column on April 3, I never thought the floodgates would be thrown open so swiftly.

19 Jun 2023