Schools shut and Section 144 invoked over diarrhoea outbreak in Puducherry's Karaikal

Collector and district magistrate L Mohamed Mansoor said, “Many acute gastroenteritis cases have been reported in the district, and a few faecal samples confirmed the presence of Vibrio cholerae.

04 Jul 2022

Karaikal diarrhoea outbreak declared ‘health emergency’

Sriramulu visited the district for a second time in the past one week, with a team of doctors and health experts from Puducherry’s Indira Gandhi Medical College & Research Institute.

03 Jul 2022

Mayiladuthurai: Section 144 enforced in Melaparuthikudi; farmers begin direct sowing amid police protection

Farm workers, predominantly from SC community, are opposed to the direct sowing undertaken by caste Hindu farmers, citing loss of livelihood.

01 Jul 2022

Diarrhoea cases cross 1,200-mark in Karaikal, lens on water supply sources

The health department suggested the replacement of water supply lines running close to the drains in slum areas. They may be damaged, making them susceptible to the sewage in the drains next to them.

30 Jun 2022

Green Champion uses prize money to renovate school building in Nagapattinam

"The floors and walls of the school's buildings were in poor condition. After receiving the sum, I decided to renovate at least one of them."

29 Jun 2022

Mayiladuthurai: Caste Hindu farmers' direct sowing affects livelihood, say SC community farm workers

The caste Hindu farmers prefer direct sowing over methods involving manual labour, like transplantation, the farm workers in Melaparuthikudi village near Kuthalam alleged.

28 Jun 2022

Annual fishing ban hasn't helped us to net a good catch, rue Nagai boat owners, fishermen

Though there is high demand for good quality seafood abroad, fishermen are upset over their trips not being productive.

28 Jun 2022

No minor ‘feet’ ever achieved by this 17-year-old TN girl

The latest feather in her cap is her victory in Class 12 examinations scoring 277 marks, which won her praise from many quarters.

26 Jun 2022

Diarrhoea cases in Karaikal rise from 200 to 450 in four days

PWD officials said indiscriminate  digging and related activities led to damage.

24 Jun 2022

With Karaikal Mangani Thiruvizha around the corner, activists express concern over quality of fruits

Use of ripening agents such as calcium carbide and ethephon could cause serious health issues, officials said.

22 Jun 2022

Differently-abled, parentless girl clears Class 12 exams

Lakshmi uses her left foot to write and draw paintings, and take notes in classes.

21 Jun 2022

200 diarrhoea cases in Karaikal in one week

Around 50 of them were admitted and given intravenous therapy for loss of fluids, while others received medication and ORS solution.

20 Jun 2022

Treasures from bygone era on sale!

This 52-year-old fruit-seller from Rajankattalai village has undertaken the task to promote indigenous artisans and display their goods at his shop.

19 Jun 2022

14 houses in Nagapattinam get piped gas supply

As works are under way in the other three districts, supply has started in Nagapattinam district.

19 Jun 2022

Over 1,000 mechanised boats set to hit sea as fishing ban ends in Tamil Nadu's coastal delta districts

Mechanised fishing boats such as trawlers and gillnetters keep off the sea during the period to facilitate breeding of fishes in the Bay of Bengal.

15 Jun 2022