Anu Jain Rohatgi

Navigating the road 'stress' travelled

A new medical study has confirmed that stress can make us become more greedy, selfish, less affectionate, and distracted, all at once.

18 Jun 2022

Seeking Your Attention: Life on the ADHD spectrum

Children diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) are quite capable of self-harm and suffer from behavioural problems.

11 Jun 2022

Role of Stagnation in Well-being

Name of study: Languishing can help bring clarity to one’s experiences By who and where: University of Pennsylvania, the USA

09 Apr 2022

Driving factors of behaviour

Name of study: Neurones in the brain drive competition and social behaviour By who and where: Massachusetts General Hospital, USA

02 Apr 2022

Stability crisis in seniors

Falls among the elderly have become one of the leading causes of hospitalisation

02 Apr 2022

How mother's mindfulness impacts child

Parental mindfulness programmes improve stress response in infants, a study by The University of California, San Francisco, USA.

01 Apr 2022

Scent and Received 

As the sense of smell in humans deteriorates, here’s what you can do to save what’s left of it

19 Mar 2022

Decoding Disturbed Sleeping Patterns in Kids

Name of study: Children with insomnia are likely to continue to suffer as adults By who and where: Penn State University, USA

19 Mar 2022

The Mother of Autism

Name of study: Mother's sleep apnea may increase risk of autism-like changes in their male offspring
By who and where: University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA

12 Mar 2022

Why replace salt with spices?

Name of study: More spice could help seniors avoid salt By who and where: Washington State University, USA

05 Mar 2022

The Eyes Have It

Regular physical exercises help cure dryness and itching of the eyes

05 Mar 2022

The impact of isolation on oral health

Older people living in isolation have a greater chance of losing their teeth, says a new study by the New York University, USA.

19 Feb 2022

Joint effort for arthritic children

A simple FDA-approved therapy called secukinumab promises to give arthritic children the hope of pain- and disability-free life

12 Feb 2022

Victims of Covid vaccine misinformation?

A new study finds that people suffering from depression may be more susceptible to falling prey to falsehood regarding Covid-19 vaccines

12 Feb 2022

Does Working out Better Brain Health?

A new study by the Weill Institute of Neurosciences, University of California, San Francisco found that exercise alters brain chemistry to protect ageing synapses.

05 Feb 2022