A hitchhiker’s guide to beating stress

However, two Malayali youngsters who went on a zero-budget trip from Kerala to Manali in Himachal Pradesh are proving that money doesn’t matter for trips.

18 Feb 2022

Dropout rate among tribal students in Kerala a worry

Of the total 1,39,916 students dropped out of schools in past 10 years, around 19,000 belonged to ST category 

11 Feb 2022

Railway infra gets next to nothing in Union Budget

Every year, the state looks forward to a favourable budget to bolster its railway infrastructure.

10 Feb 2022

It’s not NEET to be late, say colleges after student drain

According to a professor with Cusat, as many as 17 students have taken TCs so far this year. “From the ship technology department itself, more than five top students have taken TCs.

08 Feb 2022

Placement season good for students of Kochi's CUSAT, highest pay at Rs 40 lakh per annum

Though more IT companies are still coming in for recruitment, the numbers are still very low from the manufacturing and construction industries.

07 Feb 2022

Breaking records while multitasking

Multitasking is not something that everyone can achieve.

03 Feb 2022

Non-IT engineering students learn coding, land paying jobs

Here’s the reason: To increase their job prospects, students of BTech Mechanical and Electronics are learning coding to get placements in the booming IT sector.

03 Feb 2022

BTech question paper on fluid mechanics in Kerala college gets ‘Minnal Murali’ makeover

Examinations almost always leave students stressed-out. However, a teacher with the Mar Athanasius College of Engineering (MACE) in Kothamangalam has found a way out.

03 Feb 2022

What has Malayalam movie 'Minnal Murali' to do with Mechanical Engineering students? Find out

What sets the question paper apart from the regular ones is a set of questions connecting the story of the hit superhero film Minnal Murali with Mechanics of Fluid.

02 Feb 2022

Ceremonies go live, gift hampers make their way into people’s hearts 

Though dampened by the government-imposed restrictions in the wake of the pandemic initially, Kerala weddings are slowly findng their grandeur back.

31 Jan 2022

Female CUSAT student fears losing fight against harassment by faculty

“There are moves to let the three teachers responsible for my plight off the hook,” alleged the student, who did not wish to be named.

28 Jan 2022

Hybrid lessons worsen the blow for students

Covid outbreak has had a debilitating effect on education in the last two years.

26 Jan 2022

Five-year-old Palakkad girl sets record answering 70 questions in 3 minutes

After Aneya asked her mother to teach her the things in the book, Amrutha began teaching her a few questions per day.

24 Jan 2022

Learning gap as students turn restless in class

Life has been a rollercoaster ride for students over the past two years, with more than 18 months of their academic lives spent attending classes online.

18 Jan 2022

Schools demand recall of order to raise funds through stamp sale

“Such fund collection is usually done to finance sports meets or kalotsavams,” said a teacher seeking anonymity.

15 Jan 2022