Anu jain Rohatgi

Omega-3: The fat that keeps the brain fit 

The inclusion of omega-3 fatty acids in diet can prevent brain cells from damage, besides fostering good health

03 Oct 2020

How does obesity affect your skin?

Excess weight is the skin’s foe. It can lead to a range of disorders if not kept under check.

15 Aug 2020

Dark chocolate eliminates symptoms of anxiety and depression: New research

The lockdown saw a surge in the sale of dark chocolates. The reasons are plenty. Read on. 

12 Jul 2020

Don't put the 'work from home' pressure on the back burner

Working from home has led to a number of orthopaedic issues, which are made worse by stress and anxiety.

28 Jun 2020

Keto takes backflip after new study finds it may cause harm if followed for too long

Following the Keto diet for long could cause more harm than good, suggests a new study

04 Apr 2020

Liquid diet is starvation diet

Relying purely on liquids regardless of their calories is detrimental to metabolism and eventually leads to weight gain, say nutritionists

14 Mar 2020

Second-hand smoking: The passive vice

Second-hand smoke contains more than 7,000 chemicals, hundreds of which are toxic and 70 of which cause cancer.

15 Feb 2020

Want to lose some extra weight? Wake up and smell the lemon

As a new study claims smelling the citrus fruit can help one feel lighter, we find out the science behind the brain’s response to olfactory triggers

01 Feb 2020

Cathode crisis

A growing industry of cellphones and TVs is flooding a screen-addicted generation with choices, making them dangerously prone to lifestyle diseases and disorders  By Anu Jain Rohatgi

21 May 2017