Anuja Chandramouli

'Maharaja Rajendra Singh Deo: A Man Among Princes' book review

A painstakingly researched book on the life of Maharaja Rajendra Narayan Singh Deo of Odisha
that establishes him as a dutiful and compassionate ruler

01 Apr 2023

Of canine crisis and bovine blows

We all know these news stories represent a mere fraction of such incidents.

18 Mar 2023

SRK no victim, save pity for more deserving

Given the extent of his wealth, fame and power, he is better-equipped than most to weather a storm, so let us hold back on the pity already and save it for the more deserving.

18 Feb 2023

'Queersapien' book review: Memoir of Identity

Making peace with your own identity is an arduous, lonesome journey.

10 Feb 2023

Golden Globe for Naatu Naatu: White validation and home truths

The solution for this sorry state of affairs simply cannot be to rest on the laurels of random Indian victories and putter along on potholed-roads with chests puffed up with vacuous pride.

21 Jan 2023

No country for love: What's advisable is to go for an attitude transplant as a nation

Now, this qualifies as a happy ending since too often, justice is delayed and denied in India.

18 Dec 2022

Toxicity of the Blue Tick Twitterati

The insufferable opinions of the obnoxious and the offensive are always available for your viewing pleasure.

19 Nov 2022

#MeToo: Missing justice in hashtag activism

Many bravehearts have been countersued for defamation, slut-shamed, and suffered professional setbacks. Meanwhile, the likes of Sajid Khan find themselves in the news...

15 Oct 2022

Beaten by the birthday blues

As I toss and turn, wrestling with unresolved sleep issues, I spend the time trying to figure out how best to trap treacherous time in a bottle before my next birthday. 

17 Sep 2022

'The Anatomy of Loss' book review: Of festering wounds and fractured identities

Heartbreaking tale of the 1984 pogrom told through the eyes of an eight-year-old boy

27 Aug 2022

An idle dream for a better India

When you have celebrated 75 years of Independence, I suppose it is only natural for one’s patriotic fervour to be at its peak.

20 Aug 2022

Uninspiring lessons from a sick bed

Apparently, I am as susceptible as everyone else to fever, cold, body pain etc. and worse than most at handling inconvenient ailments with grace and patience.

17 Jul 2022

Hellish holidays

Summer is not my favourite time of the year. I feel the stifling heat in India does little to improve the already insufferable disposition of her citizens.

18 Jun 2022

Heaven and hell in a heartbeat

Booker-shortlisted author Hanya Yanagihara’s tripartite novel is structurally complex, but demonstrates dazzling dexterity

28 May 2022

Muting manic Mother’s Day celebrations

The fact that mums refrain from their worst impulses and do the best they can with an impossible job is surely cause for celebration.

14 May 2022

The worst laid plans

Then I shall use all the moolah raked up by its runaway success to literally clean up the streets of India, so that everything is totally shiny, sparkly and Instagram-worthy.

16 Apr 2022

A Bad-Mood Inducing Brooding Batman

The film certainly lived up to my worst fears. Nowadays, it won’t do to make fun films based on comic books.

19 Mar 2022

The price of distraction

 A riveting read that spotlights our lack of attention and the need to be mindful again

12 Mar 2022

Post-Valentine’s Day peregrinations

Ultimately, we are all fools in love or hoping to be that fool in love, because we will always choose disaster over dreariness.

19 Feb 2022

Schism between Science and Spirituality

Two years into a raging pandemic, Corona continues to have most of civilisation in a chokehold.

15 Jan 2022

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