The protection you need

The world has been battling a pandemic for over eight months.

01 Dec 2020

Suicidal tendency on rise as Covid casts a shadow on all spheres of life

With the date for his sister’s marriage fixed and no means to put together money for the wedding, Arjun went into a deep depression.

29 Nov 2020

Experts warn against vaccinating frontline health workers first

 As the much-awaited vaccines to fight Covid-19 inch closer to realisation and production on a large scale, the Central and  state governments are gearing up to administer them en masse.

28 Nov 2020

Undermining regulatory safety protocols in vaccine trials a recipe for disaster: Experts

Pharma companies that developed these vaccines are expected to seek emergency regulatory approvals soon.

21 Nov 2020

Indoor air quality key to check Covid spread in hospitals, say experts

The air we breathe matters. It can either stifle us with its pollution or rejuvenate us with its purity.

19 Nov 2020

Fear of COVID-19 spread abound as restrictions eased in Fort Kochi

Plans are afoot to deploy additional patrolling to keep track of the people visiting the beaches.

16 Nov 2020

COVID-pollution link: In pandemic fight, air you breathe matters, feel experts

Compared to other states like Haryana and Karnataka, the level of air pollution in Kerala is far less,” said a Pollution Control Board (PCB) official.

13 Nov 2020

Fee hike from Rs 1,000 to Rs 1.2 lakh per year hits medical internees hard

The order issued by the Health and Family Welfare Department on October 16 has come as a hailstorm for the students.

10 Nov 2020

MCH stays as Covid hospital, other patients struggle to get timely treatment

When the MCH was declared a Covid hospital, the cancer wing of the hospital was shifted to two centres -- GH and IGCH.

07 Nov 2020

Dependence on antigen tests to rule out infection cause for concern: Experts

Meanwhile, Monu Varghese, a Kochi-based pulmonologist said the whole testing strategy in the state needs to be revamped.

06 Nov 2020

Successful pilot cancer project may be replicated in other districts

Training classes for detecting early warning signs and symptoms of disease are being held in dist. Emphasis also on removing social stigma over the condition

06 Nov 2020

Frames of many emotions

Women in their myriad avatars form the central theme across Maria Sebastian’s canvases.

03 Nov 2020

Enlivening the gospel, Fr Chiramel organises cloth, food banks for needy

The cloth bank and the food bank will be officially inaugurated on the occasion of Kerala Piravi on Sunday at Kadangode, Thrissur.

02 Nov 2020

Fighting stigma the hardest part, say COVID-19 survivors

Ostracising recovered people has belied image of a socially advanced state.

31 Oct 2020

COVID-19 recovery rate in Kerala lowest among worst-hit states

In Kerala, over four lakh Covid cases have been reported and 3,25,166 persons have recovered so far.

30 Oct 2020