Anuja Susan Varghese 

Kerala comes third in medical tele-communication

When hospital doors shut doors before outpatients and those falling in the medically vulnerable category after the pandemic struck, tele-consultation was a boon in the darkest times.

13 Oct 2020

Cancer support group keeps up its good work

Ashakiranam has conducted around 2,664 patient support programmes so far

30 Sep 2020

‘Only herd immunity can restore normalcy’

Studies say that at least 50 per cent of the population should be able to resist virus to achieve herd immunity 

17 Sep 2020

A recipe for disaster: Experts warn govt against opening of malls, religious places

Lifting curbs will expose a large section of population to virus, undermining all the good work done by the state so far

06 Jun 2020

Lockdown-virus gloom takes heavy toll on young minds

Continuous feed of pandemic misery through various media platforms is unhinging for children and it
 manifests as compulsive disorders, say experts

29 May 2020

Hospitals gear up to restore normal patient care

Following the partial relaxation in lockdown restrictions, most hospitals in the state are gearing up to restart regular patient care in full swing.

05 May 2020

Parents struggle during lockdown

Radhika Pillai, a mother of two, is worried. A health worker, she has to join duty on April 27, leaving her kids, aged seven months and eight years, back home.

11 Apr 2020

We are unsure whether we will be back from sea alive, says fishermen

At nights big ships fail to spot small boats, the victims of the latest midsea collision said.

08 Aug 2018