With 40 per cent mortality rate, melioidosis silent but growing concern in Kerala

Annually, around 20-30 cases of melioidosis are recorded in almost every prominent in the state, say health specialists.

12 Dec 2021

As more Covid infections pop up in Kerala, experts call for stricter surveillance

Say inadequacies in waste management and mosquito control, besides insufficient provisioning of potable water leading to rise in viral, bacterial diseases in state

05 Dec 2021

Flipping roles with ease, she shines light on vaccination

Health Inspector Usha Kumari’s awareness classes on vaccination have gained attention from people near & far, reports Anuja Susan Varghese

28 Nov 2021

New Covid variant - Omicron - spells bad news for Kerala: Experts

‘Omicron’ may trigger third wave of pandemic in state, they say

27 Nov 2021

Covid pills promising but their utility yet uncertain

Pfizer’s Paxlovid, Merck’s Molnupiravir new drugs in Covid treatment

23 Nov 2021

Kerala doctors, nurses opt for booster doses as breakthrough infections rise

Rising breakthrough infections and the fear of post-Covid complications have made the healthcare community anxious, to an extent, about getting infected again as the antibody level wanes.

22 Nov 2021

Keep your happy hormone levels high

With Covid drastically affecting daily routine, people have been largely left confined indoors over the past year and a half.

20 Nov 2021

Covid vaccination drive hits slow lane in Kerala, experts raise a concern

One crore of the adult population — nearly 40% — are yet to get the second dose, state accounts for more than half the daily cases reported nationwide and a third wave could be on the way.

19 Nov 2021

Rising dengue count a worry amid Covid

If the number of dengue cases continues to rise, complications and fatalities due to the disease are prone to occur, they opine.

17 Nov 2021

Self-examination key for breast cancer prevention, says study

The rate at which the number of breast cancer cases tick upwards in the state has become a serious cause of concern.

15 Nov 2021

Sr Fabiola Fabbri, an Italian nun who stayed in Kerala for her 'children'

Sr Fabiola Fabbri has been caring for the abandoned and the destitute  for nearly two decades, reports Anuja Susan Varghese

14 Nov 2021

Mental health literacy

Those behind the Mental Health Literacy Project are striving to break conventional mindsets and spread awareness through plays, reports Anuja Susan Varghese.

31 Oct 2021

Still battling Covid, Kerala wary of new Delta sub-lineage AY 4.2

Variant of Delta reported in MP, Maharashtra and a few other states

26 Oct 2021

Rising Pampa river revives horror of 2018 Kerala floods, evacuation begins

Water level in Kakki-Anathodu dam touches 979.87m, necessitating raising of shutters

19 Oct 2021

Post-Covid heart attacks a new challenge for Kerala

People aged between 30 and 40 and without any history of heart ailments succumbing to attacks; even asymptomatic patients at high risk, say experts

19 Oct 2021