COVID-19: Breakthrough infections in Kerala not alarming, say experts

The purpose of vaccination is not prevention of transmission, but reduction in the severity of the infection and chances of death, experts say.

30 Aug 2021

Covid scans a blessing for some, enable early cancer detection

Early diagnosis, especially of lung cancer, improves patients’ chances of recovery 

23 Aug 2021

Voice change post Covid recovery? Battered vocal cords to blame

As a side effect of Covid infection, many patients are facing temporary sound or voice changes. 

21 Aug 2021

Fresh Covid surge in Kerala revives call for gene-sequencing studies

It will help the state identify prevalence of new variants, says doc

17 Aug 2021

Question is not about booster dose, but which Covid vaccine to use

Various studies and researches are progressing in India and globally on the benefits of the new formula.

14 Aug 2021

Surgery an option for patients with post-Covid lung ailment, say experts

Even those who underwent treatment at homes due to mild symptoms can develop lung complications.

13 Aug 2021

Kept indoors, children prove handful, accidents and injuries rise

The Covid pandemic has forced children indoors for a long time now.

12 Aug 2021

Stroke, heart attack risks rise in Covid times, youngsters falling prey too

The rise in  heart attacks and strokes in the state in recent times, largely attributable to Covid pandemic, is posing a major concern to medical experts.

08 Aug 2021

Time not ripe for Covid vaccine combos: Experts

As vaccination remains the key in the fight against Covid, many are exploring the option of mixing and matching vaccines to build a stronger immune response.

07 Aug 2021

6.8% healthcare workers in Kerala yet to get even first Covid jab

Most of them are medical students. Allergies, lack of slot & Covid infection cited as reasons 

03 Aug 2021

In this fight against Covid, every one counts

Caritas India has launched a vaccination drive for migrant workers, with 300 benefiting since Thursday, reports Anuja Susan Varghese

01 Aug 2021

Cheriyapally witnesses high drama

Orthodox faction makes unsuccessful bid to enter Kothamangalam St Thomas Church, amid police protection; will approach High Court, says Ramban

29 Oct 2019

Kerala nun rape case: Endurance triumphs as Bishop Franco Mulakkal gets arrested

Since no political party was willing to back them, the protesting nuns had to rely solely on the civil society’s support to expose the injustice meted out to them.

22 Sep 2018

Kerala floods: When a Danish theatre artist lent a shoulder to flood relief work in the state

He wanted to visit the famous Sivananda Yoga Ashram, situated near Neyyar dam, but unfortunately, it was not the best time for him to visit the state. 

09 Sep 2018

We are unsure whether we will be back from sea alive, says fishermen

At nights big ships fail to spot small boats, the victims of the latest midsea collision said.

08 Aug 2018