Anupama Mili

Special Onam markets to be a win-win for farmers, public

With Onam around the corner, the Agriculture Department has come up with special weekly markets and online stores to support the pandemic-stricken farmers. 

42 minutes ago

Monsoon camp for students to showcase creative skills 

Under E-Koottam, the students from classes one to 12 were divided into two groups, each having 10 modules. 

30 Jul 2021

Sensitising society to safeguard women

Dept of Women and Child Development starts a campaign with the help of Mahila Shakti Kendra to sensitise society, starting with educational institutions

29 Jul 2021

Unused cables causing worry for pedestrians

Mayor denies corruption allegation and promises to remove unused cables

27 Jul 2021

A musical break by sub inspectors to motivate the police

 Seven-minute video shows relentless efforts taken by police

27 Jul 2021

Sex reassignment surgery and price of a rebirth

Ananya was not an introvert. She was the state’s first radio jockey, activist and the first transperson who contested in an assembly election.

24 Jul 2021

Kochi’s govt schools to go smart ahead of reopening

Officials at the CSML said they selected the schools from Fort Kochi (wards 1 to 5), West Kochi (wards 1 to 5) and Ernakulam city (wards 62, 67 and 68).

23 Jul 2021

Miniature forest in the middle of Kochi

There is a two-acre ‘urban forest in the middle of the city, with medicinal plants and a pond, which appears to be a miniature of a dense jungle.

22 Jul 2021

Pink Patrol Team to the aid of women

CM Pinarayi Vijayan flagged off the project that will focus on dowry-related violence

20 Jul 2021

Take a bow, Kerala (moral) police!

Instead of helping a woman who filed complaint, cops used her blurred image to create awareness posters for their Facebook page!

17 Jul 2021

Kalamassery Krishi Bhavan to hold weekly markets

These groups have agreed to provide space to conduct the weekly markets. 

15 Jul 2021

Total tourism makeover for Kochi

With more than five major projects in the pipeline, the tourism department is working with other departments to give Ernakulam a facelift

15 Jul 2021

Municipality to probe discarded food kits 

Essential supplies distributed at migrant labour camps were found dumped near a hospital in Perumbavoor

14 Jul 2021

Voice from beyond

Mimicry artist Mahesh Kunjumon opens up about dubbing for late actor Anil Nedumangad in the film Cold Case

14 Jul 2021

Baby steps towards gender sensitivity

Kerala Women and Child Development Department has launched a statewide gender equality campaign to sensitise the public, starting with gender auditing in school textbooks 

13 Jul 2021