Anupama Mili

Fishermen protest against attempt to encroach lake

Earlier, one of the fishermen in the area had submitted a petition before the panchayat ombudsman to stop the encroachment.

24 Feb 2022

Defunct hydrants spark fears of fire

With summer peaking, city residents are growing more concerned about mitigating fire outbreaks.

18 Feb 2022

Dangerous water bodies: Panel seeks solutions

The directorate also suggested the education department to include swimming as a mandatory life skill in the syllabus.

15 Feb 2022

Malanirappu’s tale of golden harvest

When they started growing marigold plants after cleaning a vacant plot in Malanirappu, the members of the area’s Friends Club didn’t nurture any high hopes.

15 Feb 2022

Students of Kochi school prepare carbon-neutral feast

The students prepared the food in their school kitchen with the help of Moozhikulam Sala Prakriti School director T R Premkumar. 

11 Feb 2022

Access affordable help for post-Covid health issues

He said severe post-Covid issues like diabetes and hypertension are a reality, while some develop fibroids in the lungs. 

10 Feb 2022

Handing over gadgets: Where do you draw the line?

In the wake of the murder conspiracy case against actor Dileep, experts speak on the privileges of the accused in connection with the ownership of the gadgets. 

08 Feb 2022

Grading system by SCERT raises too many questions

To avoid the criticism over too many students getting A+ grade, State Council of Education Research and Training decides to reduce the focus area to 70% this year

26 Jan 2022

Mental health body in sleep mode

A year has passed since the State Mental Health Authority was formed, but it has not held a single meeting despite rules mandating four annual conventions

25 Jan 2022

Single mothers in Kerala face discrimination right from the top

Though not in high numbers, independent single women in Kerala have started coming forward, opting to have children through IVF. They need a biological child, but without a husband

22 Jan 2022

77-year-old retired Kerala teacher continues her poetry training sessions online

Sarasamma K Nair is active in her 70s as well. The retired teacher settled in Koonamthai trains youngsters in new styles of poetry recitation. 

21 Jan 2022

Janani project sets success record of parenthood

Thilakan hails from Thoothiyur and Sreeja from Elamkunnappuzha.

20 Jan 2022

A shop without a cashier or salesman? Presenting the people’s shop in Kerala

Members of a self-help group in Edakkattuvayal panchayat are running a 24-hour shop without either a salesman or a cashier, and with no complaints, reports Anupama Mili

19 Jan 2022

Call for safety of student cyclists

Nearly 100 cyclists, especially schoolkids, die on roads and an average of 700 get grievously injured annually. 

18 Jan 2022

Single women finding it difficult to rent apartments in Kochi

Elizabeth Thomas, a freelance journalist and content writer based in Kochi, has been on the hunt for a flat for the last three months.

15 Jan 2022

Pluck your greens fresh

Aluva native John Paul’s live bio-supermarkets are set to change how we buy our veggies

14 Jan 2022

Covid Brigade: At your service, against all odds

Nearly 20,000 workers who were part of the Covid Brigade during the first and second waves are still struggling.

13 Jan 2022

Kerala weighs its options to combat Covid

The state is facing the threat of another Covid wave.

13 Jan 2022

Edappally residents pay on behalf of litterbugs

The residents of Division 37 in Edappally are so fed up with litterbugs that they finally announced they are ready to pay up the garbage collection fees on behalf of violaters. 

12 Jan 2022

More power to women

Bringing relief to many women working in various IT parks in the state, companies have adopted policies that support those who are forced to take a break post-childbirth

11 Jan 2022

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