Anuradha Goyal

The journey of my private online data

Google ‘Data sellers in India’, and you get paid ads selling you the data of high net worth individuals, car owners, doctors, students and of course those of employees of big organisations.

11 hours ago

Making use of the language landscape diversity

This led us to launch our Hindi Travel blog that soon garnered a compact but loyal readership without much marketing.

24 Dec 2020

Where are the global food brands from India?

Food dominates our hearts and minds on a daily basis, with enhanced emotions on festivals and celebrations.

18 Nov 2020

It’s time publishers read some innovation books   

The latter come with the promise of big sales. Literature festivals created the platforms to bring authors close to their readers.

18 Nov 2020

E-commerce and the new-age middlemen

One of the key things that the internet promised in its early days was getting rid of middlemen.

18 Nov 2020

Chaotic dynamics of a project-based profession

News about nepotism, cartels or even gangs of influential professionals has been dominating the media and hence our minds.

03 Aug 2020