Anuradha Goyal

Long-form content in the age of reels and shorts

Why is the myth of ‘long-form content is dead’ being propagated? It is because it is easy to create short content and even easier to gather statistics on it, for it has a short shelf life

27 Jul 2022

Startup Premier League: Investors vs customers

Investors & customers are sources of money for business. Investors come with easy money in big chunks. Customers, on the other hand, pay you in little chunks for product or service you deliver to them

07 Jul 2022

India’s sunshine moment in tech leadership

Why has India not produced a Google or Twitter or Amazon? It is a question that has been asked a million times, with no convincing answer ever found.

04 Jun 2022

Abundant opportunities to weave in silk

It is a traditional sector but there are also opportunities for tech entrepreneurs. Markets are already digitised with all auctions happening online, but there are still spaces to plug with automation

10 May 2022

Decoding the logic in the logistics sector

Has these instant deliveries led to an overall better life for society? Can we really outsource planning in our personal lives?—does not look like. 

12 Apr 2022

How well are we using what we have?

Do we think that our public resources are being put to good use before we launch new projects? Let us look at our public libraries.

18 Mar 2022

In defence of small businesses, dear sharks

Personally, their biggest driver to invest was the potential for growth and speed with which it will happen.

09 Feb 2022

The vegetarian in every non-vegetarian

Recently, at a high-end hotel, the buffet had a dish containing oyster sauce with a green label. When asked, the serving staff, looked back and asked—Yeh vegetarian nahi hai kya? Is it not vegetarian?

29 Dec 2021

Planning for demographic shift towards elderly

In a youth-obsessed media and start-up space,one rarely sees initiatives focused on the elderly - be it for their travel requirements, social and lifestyle needs, or tapping into their experience.

06 Dec 2021

Ayodhya, an opportunity for Indic tourism model

Let visitors learn how to make flower garlands used in all kinds of Ramayana performances or to sing and dance, creating an ecosystem that sustains the art and the artists.

08 Nov 2021

Airlines and the Art of Complicating Things

Every seat on a plane now comes with a price tag. If you ask airline algorithms to auto assign the seat, which as of now is free of cost, they forget to send you a boarding pass

08 Oct 2021