Anuradha Goyal

Our traditional medicine fraternity must rise up to the Covid challenge

Every calamity presents an opportunity; the pandemic is a big one for traditional medicine systems to show their strength

10 May 2021

Instant loan apps, path to a debt trap

They offer unsecured loans for short durations at exceptionally high rates, access your private data on phone before aggressive and sometimes abusive follow-ups.

07 Apr 2021

Riding the evolution curve of social media

Ideas are like seeds. Some of them sprout, some grow to a level and some become giant trees.

16 Mar 2021

Preparing playgrounds for the toys industry

About a decade ago, a board games parlour came up in Bangalore. The idea was simple: a collection of board games, a flexible seating arrangement and a small snacks corner.

17 Feb 2021

The journey of my private online data

Google ‘Data sellers in India’, and you get paid ads selling you the data of high net worth individuals, car owners, doctors, students and of course those of employees of big organisations.

20 Jan 2021

Making use of the language landscape diversity

This led us to launch our Hindi Travel blog that soon garnered a compact but loyal readership without much marketing.

24 Dec 2020

Where are the global food brands from India?

Food dominates our hearts and minds on a daily basis, with enhanced emotions on festivals and celebrations.

18 Nov 2020