Anushree Madhavan

Vying for vitamins

Here’s a guidebook to check for deficiencies that might be coming in the way of your health and vitality

08 Jun 2022

Summer calls for a sodium check

Summers are a reminder of the 90s’ ad which showed an animated sun sucking the energy out of those who dared to play, work, or simply walk under it.

18 May 2022

Scripts of wit in the ‘House of Stories’

The creators of this magic are Mumbai-based The Puppetarians, or Sangya Ojha and Hashim Haider.

10 May 2022

A translation that travels with time

The lives of Shakeel and Attar Nayyab are entwined in communal politics.

20 Apr 2022

Tongue Untied

Author, Journalist Nish Amarnath hopes to invoke social change through her show 'People Who See', a show around social justice.

26 Mar 2022

On a quest to find a role model in science

If you are someone like Ilina Singh, you'd probe more and find that within these worlds of science exist several branches that are barely explored.

14 Mar 2022

Sacred stories from Srivilliputtur

In her latest book, The Splendour of Srivilliputtur, temple historian Chithra Madhavan partners with six authors to  narrate lesser-known tales of Andal, the inscriptions, songs, and prasadams of the

26 Feb 2022

A slice of sweet success 

Interestingly, it has been eight years since Shradha has consumed desserts.

22 Feb 2022

When Tsunamika joined the UN for a mission

In Indian mythology, there is a god or a goddess for every element of the planet.

27 Jan 2022

Of medicine, military and mediation at the Mughal court

Marco Moneta's book narrates the story of a man who has witnessed India's power struggle in the 16th Century and watched it rise to power in an unknown world.

09 Jan 2022

Of medicine, military & mediation at the Mughal court

No European traveller had lived so long in India. Normally the firangis’ travels to India didn’t last more than two or three years,” says author Marco Moneta.

08 Jan 2022

The Bold and The Brown 

Accompanied by Ruchi Shah’s illustrations, Divya Thomas’ maiden children’s book encourages the discussion on skin colour

29 Dec 2021

Citing sita in a new sight

Author of Sita — A Tale of Ancient Love, Bhanumathi Narasimhan  dives into the characters of the Ramayana with a new perspective 

22 Dec 2021

Andhra Delicacy gets a new address in Chennai

This four-year-old homegrown brand, recently opened an offline store.

15 Dec 2021

Uniform stories

Cadet No.1 narrates tales of women bound together by the threads of grit, passion and determination 

09 Dec 2021