Anushree Madhavan

Miniature art for a mega impact

Bringing their ideas on a smaller canvas in Micro Trends 2021, Progressive Painters’ Association aims to make art affordable for all its aficionados

10 Apr 2021

Self-sufficiency with chekku oil

I love living in Udumalpet. Come what may, I would not want to leave my town.” Sindhu Arun emphasises on this sentiment throughout our conversation.

03 Apr 2021

Resurrecting a remarkable Rani

Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni’s latest book, The Last Queen, turns the spotlight on one of India’s forgotten but fierce queen, Maharani Jindan Kaur, her fight for family, power and kingdom

01 Apr 2021

The resonance of a gifted voice

Keshav Desiraju, through a research-filled book of wonder and awe, offers a hitherto unseen glimpse into the life and times of Carnatic legend MS Subbulakshmi 

24 Mar 2021

Coimbatore’s Pawsome people come to Chennai

Expanding their 18-month-old project to four cities, Megha Jose and her team are engaging volunteers to save street dogs 

23 Mar 2021

The migraine mandate

Saving you from doubt and uncertainity, Dr Sivarajan Thandeswaran gives you his fail-safe migraine guide

17 Mar 2021

Jamakkalam jostles for justice

Training its lens on the forgotten school of artists and their everyday woes, ‘Bhavani Jamakkalam’ traces the fast fading history of the relic and offers a hope of revival

24 Feb 2021

Making memories of moments

With a simple platform to compile pictures, videos and voice notes, Shriya Sekhsaria promises to bring back the best of the past for your loved ones 

23 Feb 2021

Smashing patriarchy out of the boundary

In the Marvel universe, Loki is the God of mischief who drives Asgard to chaos.

18 Feb 2021

Pressure that pleases the palate

In his second book, B Ramakrishnan introduces the pressure baker and new techniques for cooking Indian dishes

11 Feb 2021

Building libraries and a bright future

Adding colour and literary corners to government school libraries, the Rotary Club of Madras Next Gen is enabling the youth

09 Feb 2021

Delivering dharma with stories of yore

The characters you encounter in Amish’s literary world are likely to be familiar to you. You could have encountered them in epics of yore or in your grandparents’ retelling of it.

06 Feb 2021

Seeking piety in prasadams

Through her latest release, Food & Faith, author Shoba Narayan journeys across 15 temples of India to reflect on how food can be a path to find your faith

21 Jan 2021

Going the red rice way!

Red is the colour of the season. Red baubles on a Christmas tree, a red hat for your festivities, and even the colour of the wine you’d opt to go with all the merry celebrations.

16 Dec 2020

An Oasis of indulgence with Shivesh Bhatia

Stressed spelt backwards is desserts. And that is probably why the ebullient baker Shivesh Bhatia finds company in desserts during difficult and happy ones too.

14 Dec 2020