Aravind Raj

Eight ambulances operating without licence seized in Karur district

Emergence of a lot of private ambulances during the pandemic time, when 108 ambulances were in high demand, along with complaints of rash driving, had led the officials to probe.

19 Oct 2021

Festival demand brings back smile on faces of puffed rice makers

Puffed and flattened rice, along with roasted groundnut and bengal gram, are important offerings during the festival. They are also among the main ingredients for rice balls, prepared using jaggery.

13 Oct 2021

Container shortage, drastic hike in shipping charges leave Karur exporters worried

Indian exporters are facing a crisis in getting empty containers to send their finished goods to European nations and North and South American countries.

07 Oct 2021

Students’ pitch: A green idea for public toilets

Sanitation is more important than independence,” said Mahatma Gandhi, whose birth anniversary was celebrated across the country on Saturday.

04 Oct 2021

NGT panel reinspects Amaravathi river for ‘conclusive analysis’

This is the third such inspection by the NGT, this time with an aim to carry out a ‘conclusive analysis’ and take into consideration ‘additional parameters’.

02 Oct 2021

Karur, Sangam era's trade guild of South India, turns 26

Karur, which is currently one of the industrial hubs in the State, was once a vital trade guild of South India during the Sangam era.

01 Oct 2021

Effluents from dyeing units polluting Noyyal river Again

Effluent released by Tiruppur dyeing units in the Noyyal River, which drains into the Cauvery in Karur, has been posing a threat to farmers and residents.

28 Sep 2021

Modern times unkind to Amaravathi -- the Sangam-era river

One of the State’s longest rivers, the Amaravathi finds many mentions in the literary works of the Sangam era.

28 Sep 2021

Karur Collector suspends over 300 government accounts with public-sector bank

The Collector issued the order after chairing a monthly review meeting with all bank players in the district, at the Collectorate.

25 Sep 2021

RJ-turned-teacher launches podcast to help government school students

Coming to the rescue of students bogged down by connectivity and smartphone availability issues is a radio jockey-turned-government school teacher in the district who has taken the podcast route.

31 Aug 2021

Flower prices soar ahead of Varalakshmi, Onam festivals as hundreds throng market in Karur

Although traders were happy with the price hike, garland makers and the public were disappointed as it left a huge hole in their pockets

19 Aug 2021

Karur: Govt hospital nurse suspended for stealing Covid vaccines

Karur District Health Department Deputy Director Santhosh Kumar said, “Based on the complaint, a team of officials went to Dhanalakshmi’s house in Vedasandur on Monday to investigate.

27 Jul 2021

Rebuilt from scratch, this Karur govt school is breaking records in admissions now

A government school in Karur, which was on the verge of shutting down a few years back, has undergone a drastic transformation.

15 Jul 2021

Karur residents urge govt to increase Covid vaccine doses

On Monday morning, people formed serpentine queues with tokens to get vaccinated.

08 Jun 2021

Minister Senthil Balaji volunteers to bear cost of funeral expenses of unclaimed bodies in Karur

Thousands of families across the country are struggling financially to give a dignified burial to their loved ones lost to Covid.

20 May 2021