Archanaa Seker

Guilty activist vs good friend

I listened to her on the phone for hours that day, and realised no training over the last few years had actually prepared me for this moment.

11 Aug 2020

When a midnight mail united women

I have not had a piece published in this space for a few weeks and it has gone largely unnoticed.

17 Jul 2020

When we laugh, and long for cinema anyway

Karthik Dial Seydha Yenn (KDSY) was released online three fourths of an hour after it was first announced.

01 Jun 2020

There’s a lesson in re-watching old cinema

There are those with a home, gadgets, a stable Internet connection and subscriptions to OTT platforms (or friends who have accounts on them).

01 May 2020

Things to remember post-corona

The coronavirus has most certainly made its presence felt in the last week.

18 Mar 2020

Inspiration from an 8-year-old

The International Women’s Day has just passed, and as always there were sloppy forwards on celebrating women and spa discounts for pampering them all.

11 Mar 2020

Change is slow, but more to follow

I’m back in the city and for good, after a year-and-a-half. It’s been about five days.

04 Mar 2020

Safe-keepers of intimacy and human rights

An actor from the Tamil film industry had published her traumatic experience of shooting a rape scene on an online news portal, a few months ago.

29 Feb 2020

 Look, it may actually be a silent revolution

The country is archaic and where it is not, it is regressing quickly, so nothing on the news shocks me anymore,” a friend remarked on the Bhuj college incident.

19 Feb 2020

Love, hate, rip apart and let live 

I was unable to watch the film during its theatre run but heard varied reviews of it.

14 Feb 2020

A guide to friends in need

If there is an allegation of rape or in the case of married women, if the pregnancy is a result of ontraceptive failure.

05 Feb 2020

The questions we should ask of Kobe Bryant’s case

I only learned about Kobe  Bryant when he died earlier last week in a helicopter crash. When I did, it was about his rape case and his basketball career in one go.

03 Feb 2020

There are many reasons to celebrate ‘Nadigaiyar Thilagam’

I had been waiting to watch and write about a film ever since the Tamil Film Producer’s Council’s 48-day futile strike ended.

17 May 2018