Arunkumar Sekhar

'The Mandalorian' review: Star wars reborn from the ashes

At a time when the Star Wars fandom is split, the franchise and more importantly, Disney needed a healing touch.

08 Apr 2020

'The Test: A New Era for Australia’s Team' review: Masterful storytelling of an unlikely underdog story

Twenty minutes into the first episode of The Test: A New Era for Australia’s Team, I knew this was going to be one of the best sports documentaries ever.

21 Mar 2020

1917 review: One of the greatest 'anti-war' films of all time

1917 is a film that, at one particular midpoint, can begin to be seen as two distinct films.

18 Jan 2020

'The Rise of Skywalker' review: Not the finish the saga deserved

The Japanese have a beautiful art form called kintsugi where broken pieces of pottery, instead of being thrown away, are fused with gold (and other precious metals) and displayed with pride.

21 Dec 2019

'The Irishman' review: Scorsese's most sinful and the most peaceful

The Irishman is Martin Scorcese's ninth collaboration with Robert DeNiro, his first-ever with Al Pacino and fourth with Joe Pesci.

29 Nov 2019

'Charlie's Angels' review: A soulless reboot with few redeeming flourishes

Two people might have the same idea, but the entire film’s structure, down to the film’s iconic players and twists, being the exact same thing, can’t be mere coincidence surely.

16 Nov 2019

'Last Christmas' movie review: A warm, no frills romance

This is a Disney film in all but name and I think we do require a bit of light cheeriness as the decade winds up.

09 Nov 2019

'His Dark Materials' review: Stellar acting saves a largely flat adaptation

With each episode clocking nearly an hour, the narrative isn’t paced well even within a single episode, let alone the larger season.

04 Nov 2019

'Watchmen' series review: Beautifully chaotic and utterly compelling

When I first watched Snyder’s Watchmen a decade ago, what really struck me and left a deep impact on me long after the credits rolled, was this mask of Rorschach.

24 Oct 2019

'Downton Abbey' film review: A nostalgic end to the much-beloved British period drama

This dramatic period film is as warm and funny as the TV series whilst also retaining the same problematic aristocratic sympathetic lens.

18 Oct 2019

'Nirvana Inn' review: An existential film masquerading as a horror thriller

A thriller at a surface level that is wholly enjoyable for the way it uses a lot of Hitchcockian elements in the script like Tamil films and serials of yore.

12 Oct 2019

'Solo: A Star Wars Story' movie review: Bland fan service

This is the only time when this film shows us a glimpse of what makes Star Wars so much more than just another franchise in the minds of people.

26 May 2018

Veteran actor R Neelakantan passes away

Veteran actor R Neelakantan, better known as Neelu, passed away on Wednesday at the age of 82. He was admitted for heart surgery at Cauvery Hospital, but did not respond to treatment and passed away.

11 May 2018

I could have easily made two films about Savitri: 'Mahanati' director Nag Ashwin

...says director Nag Ashwin, who talks at length about this week’s release, Nadigaiyar Thilagam/Mahanati, and the challenges behind its making.

08 May 2018

'Avengers: Infinity War' registers year's biggest opening in India with Rs 40 crores

According to the makers, the film, which boasts of the largest gathering of superheroes, registered the biggest day one opening ever for a Hollywood movie in India.

29 Apr 2018