Handloom take over

This April, designers across the state are focusing on variations of traditional handloom to add to the festive spirit

06 Apr 2022

Recognition for Kerala at Grammy through Manoj George

Being the first violinist from the country, especially from Kerala, to get recognised with the Grammy award, Manoj says the process as an “amazing experience”.

05 Apr 2022

With love, for our city

The new single Thirondoram by Jassie Gift featuring stars like Madhupal, Jagadish and Manju Pillai is all about the love for capital city

02 Apr 2022

Hurray! Summer camps are back in Thiruvananthapuram after two-year break

Many organisations have come up with social skill development programmes as they say the children are having behavioural syndromes due to the pandemic and lockdown

01 Apr 2022

Local stories from Kanjirappally

For Vidhumon, his hometown and the people there are all the inspiration he needed to start a digital art series

31 Mar 2022

Eating right makes all the difference

According to celebrity nutritionist Lekshmy Manish, obesity is a growing issue among people, especially women, post Covid

29 Mar 2022

Another Kerala artists too denied stage for being Christian

“The temple festival committee had booked my dance programme. I found a bit weird when they asked my religion. I told them I’m a Christian.

29 Mar 2022

An ode to womankind

Yosha the musical documentary by Anija Jalan celebrates women from everyday life around us  

26 Mar 2022

Kerala has very sensitive audience: Azerbaijani actress Gunash Mehdizadeh

The movie, spanning 1 hour and 25 minutes, is the sole Azerbaijan film to have had an Indian premiere on Sunday.

23 Mar 2022

Zooming into bitter side of life

The film, made by a group of journalism students from Ernakulam for Rs 5000, is being touted as the movie shot at the lowest budget at the festival. 

22 Mar 2022

A spiritual perspective on sexuality

The film Avanovinola directed by Sherrey Govind and Deepesh T will be screened at the International Film Festival of Kerala on Sunday

19 Mar 2022

Forbidden tales of everyday people

Tara Ramanujan’s debut film Nishiddho will be screened at 26th IFFK under the International Competition category

18 Mar 2022

Kinetic outlook on life

Delhi-based Malayali artist Merlin Moli’s recent kinetic series titled Void Mechanics is a reflection of the way we think and feel

16 Mar 2022

Lost in qawwali spirit

Shabnam Riyaz, a Malayali qawwali singer, enthralled audience at the World of Women event underway at Kovalam Art and Craft Village

12 Mar 2022

Weave against war

A group of hoop artists from the state have come together to spread awareness against war and violence through their art

11 Mar 2022