Asha Menon

Pets full of beans

Like in all cities, people of Bengaluru take their shaggy dogs on daily outings for the usual reasons involving lamp posts and tasty treats.

15 Sep 2018

Karnataka polls 2018: A tale of Afzalpur village's many 'unusable' toilets

Dik Sangha B, a village in Afzalpur, which considers itself comfortably off, has many toilets installed but only a few that can be used.

01 May 2018

Every drop of water is precious in this Chittapur taluk village

In Dandoti, people live in architectural marvels and by a river, but are in need of potable water.

29 Apr 2018

Karnataka polls: Party-hopping matters little in Aland

Voters in Aland have little patience for party politics and are forced to depend on goodwill of individual leaders.

28 Apr 2018

23 butterfly species added to city’s count

Twenty-three species of butterflies have been spotted for the first time in the city, by the Bengaluru Butterfly Club or BBC

13 Jun 2017

How I met my therapist

While mental illnesses leave a person feeling vulnerable and exposed, not many turn to medical advice for help.

12 Oct 2016