Aswin Nandakumar

Kerala man installs 'nets' outside house to drive son's cricket passion in COVID-19 times

The youngster is bowled over by his parents' thoughtful gesture. "Wherever I strike the ball, it stays within the nets," he says, excitedly.

15 Jul 2020

IIMK’s vision is to create good humans who are good managers: Chatterjee

The greater the nature of disruption and speed of change, the deeper people look for anchors.

26 Feb 2020

Electrocuted or killed by mafia? Death of Adivasi woman kicks up a row

The Mananthavady police team led by CI Abdul Kareem M M found the death was because of a electric shock.

07 Feb 2020

Snakebite death: 12-year-old Nida Fathima becomes poster girl of protest

 Nida Fathima has become the face of the protest against the system that led to the death of her schoolmate Shehla Sherin due to a snakebite in a classroom on Wednesday.

23 Nov 2019

Switch to language classroom sealed snakebite victim Shehla's fate

Mary Kutty, couldn’t hold back her emotion while narrating the memories of her. “‘Molu’ was short in stature so I would always make her sit in the front,” said the class teacher.

22 Nov 2019

Attappadi slayings could well have been orchestrated: Murali Kannampilly

Former Maoist leader Murali Kannampilly has raised suspicion over the killing of four suspected Maoists at Agali in Palakkad.

30 Oct 2019

At 70, she feeds many mouths to eke out a living

It was 2.30 am. As the alarm clock buzzed, 70-year-old Sarojini  Amma was already awake.

23 Oct 2019

Ramdas Vaidyar, the satirist who made his point, always

Ramdas Vaidyar Anusmarana Samiti will hold the 21st remembrance meeting at K P Kesavamenon Hall on Tuesday

22 Oct 2019

MLA’s check dam sparks development vs eco debate

Check dam not fully demolished, finds TNIE; Kakkadampoyil villagers feel the structure will pose a threat to their lives during monsoon

17 Oct 2019

Groundwater pollution haunts Mayanad residents

Mayanad, a village next to Kozhikode Medical College Hospital has been fighting a 3-decade long battle to prevent contamination of its groundwater due to effluents from the hospital.

10 Oct 2019

Practice respect and love for nature

Amma—Sri Mata Amritanandamayi speaks to Aswin Nandakumar on divinity, Mother Nature and how to protect her. Excerpts from the interview. 

28 Sep 2019

The Nectar of Wisdom

Gitamritam, a seven-day residential programme, uses an innovative approach to inculcate the values of Bhagavad Gita in young minds

02 May 2019

Nature’s Northeast

Visitors adventurous and curious enough to cross the bridge when they come to it would be greeted by a swarm of Khasi youngsters who want to peddle their services as guides.

21 Jul 2018