Atreyo Mukhopadhyay

Women in Blue need quick relief after World Cup disappointment

The team regarded to have heralded a new era in Indian men's cricket was unique because it broke away from the tradition of relying excessively on spinners.

31 Mar 2022

BCCI's new ticket rule for Team India's home matches put state associations on spot

Of the venues chosen for the West Indies series starting on October 4, those hosting limited-over games are looking desperately for answers because of higher demand for tickets.

03 Oct 2018

FIFA World Cup hall of fame: Diego Maradona, none before him, none thereafter

For him, laws were like opponents, who had to be beaten at any cost.

09 Jun 2018

FIFA World Cup hall of fame: Dino Zoff, tower of longevity Italy leaned on

Dino Zoff experienced almost everything a footballer can think of, including holding aloft the most coveted trophy as Italy captain in 1982.

04 Jun 2018

FIFA World Cup Hall of fame: Pele, chaiwala to face of the beautiful game

In Nigeria, a civil war that has gone down in history as one of the bloodiest in Africa, stopped for a couple of days.

04 Jun 2018

ICC shocker: Why Australia, Steven Smith should face stricter action for ball-tampering

Fans appalled as ICC hands Smith just one-match ban; veterans demand the entire Aussie team leadership be penalised, treated on par with match-fixing

26 Mar 2018

India vs Sri Lanka: Grass cover unlikely on Nagpur pitch?

The Eden Gardens pitch has received rave reviews for facilitating an exciting Test match, where fortunes kept changing till the last hour.

21 Nov 2017

Rain plays havoc, Ghana wonder why match wasn't called off

Mali played Ghana after 24 hours of almost incessant rain making the ball stop awkwardly and forcing players to adjust to the lack of bounce and rolling.

22 Oct 2017

Mohun Bagan and East Bengal face battle to stay relevant

The two football clubs do not meet conditions laid by the ISL organisers and if issues are not settled, the duo might miss being part of the happening tournament.

24 Sep 2017

Section of BCCI board members rue lost opportunity as COA urges SC to remove top officials

The cricket board members were regretting not implementing the Lodha Panel order, with a request of reviewing two-three contentious points.

17 Aug 2017

BCCI stays on collision path

On July 14, the BCCI was expected to file an affidavit in Supreme Court saying that state units are ready to accept all orders on reform, with a request that four points be reviewed.

12 Jul 2017

Rider on the Storm

Riding a wave of success since taking over as captain, Virat Kohli will be under intense scrutiny after the coach saga, reports Atreyo Mukhopadhyay.

03 Jul 2017

Refusing to budge means added pressure on Virat Kohli

Even though the captain’s version of his relationship with the coach has hot been heard yet, he is already the villain of the piece.

23 Jun 2017

Anil Kumble saga highlights flaws in system

Taking names is not necessary, but it can safely be written that those who call the shots in BCCI right now were against Kumble.

22 Jun 2017