Atul Sehgal

How perseverance pays

The desired riches and bounties of this world, the positions of power and authority can be attained by the perseverant

28 Nov 2021

Dogma and Faith: Two sides of the same coin

Dogma feeds the intellect and faith feeds the mind. They act as the twin tools of traversal of the path leading to the ultimate abode where the human soul exists in divine bliss.

06 Nov 2021

The power of love

If a man has learned the language, lesson and practice of love, he has probably learned it all. Nothing then really remains to be learnt. 

18 Sep 2021

Overcoming the mind-intellect gap

If we achieve the alignment between the mind and the intellect through yoga, we can utilise our faculties and resources optimally and achieve great progress in life,

14 Aug 2021

'Thavaasmi: A Journey Towards Completeness—Life and Skills' book review: An uplifting manual

This account of the Ramayana presents the story of Shri Rama, as an analytical treatise, an instructional text on life skills and a moral guidebook—all dexterously combined into one

16 Jul 2021

The power of faith

Hope is the engine of human progress and faith is the fuel that runs the engine

12 Jun 2021

Let's handle the pandemic holistically

Shed your intellectual arrogance and bring about suitable changes in your living paradigms to align them with eternal true knowledge

08 May 2021

Moderation matters

In society, we all are bound by rules and regulations which are meant for promotion of the welfare of all.

26 Mar 2021