Avinash Ramachandran

'Ile Owo' review: A harrowing watch

Little does she know that a house of horrors awaits on the other side of this seemingly perfect relationship.

26 May 2023

A Royal Debacle

A large chunk of the nearly two-hour-long film feels like a collection of these problems, put in one frame after the other.

18 May 2023

'The matchmaker' review: A Fiery Tale

A voiceover talks about a legend where a woman escaped an abusive marriage by burning her husband alive in the desert, and turning him into a zombie-like slave for herself.

05 May 2023

I care more about getting my next film than an Oscar: Mani Ratnam

In a media interaction, veteran filmmaker  Mani Ratnam talks about finally realising his dream, what’s in store, and a few things in between

25 Apr 2023

'Obsession' movie review: No Steam

There is a toxic parenting, and an incest angle that show some promise, but aren’t explored enough.

21 Apr 2023

‘Hopefully, the next generation of women won’t need to keep fighting’: Priyanka Chopra Jonas

People didn’t really make that effort to watch films with subtitles.

19 Apr 2023

'Hunger' movie review: Cooked to perfection

The way Aoy is integrated into the kitchen is reminiscent of the teacher-student scenes in Whiplash.

15 Apr 2023

'Thiruvin Kural' movie review: Promising premise with not-so-sound results

Arulnithi has become synonymous with thrillers, and his latest is a half-decent addition to this list

15 Apr 2023

I took a break to reassess who I was: Shruti Haasan

The multi-hyphenated talent talks to us about finding light in the shadows, wresting back the narrative, and why she believes she is a one-stop shop for her audience

12 Apr 2023

Nayanthara’s next takes an inspirational route

We had earlier reported that Nilesh Krishnaa, an erstwhile assistant of Shankar, is making his directorial debut with Nayanthara’s milestone 75th film.

10 Apr 2023

Ravanasura: An effective Ravi Teja shoulders a middling revenge thriller

Ravanasura begins with a gruesome murder that happens in front of scores of witnesses.

08 Apr 2023

'Boston Strangler' movie review: An efficient retelling

Boston Strangler, is based on a true story, and follows Boston Record American reporter Loretta Mclaughlin (an effective Keira Knightley) on her investigation of serial killings.

01 Apr 2023

I have no fear of working with debutant filmmakers: Nani

Ahead of the release of his much-hyped film, Dasara, Nani gets candid about the trappings of stardom, trusting upcoming filmmakers, and the importance of mass commercial entertainers

28 Mar 2023

Tamil Nadu will always be home, says Simran

Simran, who has reintroduced herself to the Hindi audience through Gulmohar, speaks about how life has come full circle

22 Mar 2023

'The Fallen Sun' review: A superficial yet engaging thriller

It is not new for a successful series to have a based on it. We have seen it happen with Sex and the City. We wanted to see it happen for Friends.

21 Mar 2023