Ayesha Singh

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Master the Neuro-verse: Wellness technique that boosts brain health

A variety of emerging practices integrate neurological principles to promote wellbeing

25 Nov 2023

In new light for this year's festival with technological influence

Diwali 2023 presents a modern take on traditions with culinary experiments, tech-forward entertainment and futuristic gifting ideas

11 Nov 2023

AI revolutionizing fitness: Personalized workouts and nutrition plans

Embrace these innovative fitness routines that add an element of fun by simulating primal movements, integrating personalised AI, and tapping into the potential of DNA

28 Oct 2023

Bite-sized breaks: Pause with a Cause

Mindful microbreaks have emerged as an antidote to the constant hustle of modern lives, as these bite-sized pauses help reset the nervous system for better cognitive function

28 Oct 2023

Bowled over the great Ramen revolution

Versatility, adaptability and the ability to harmonise diverse flavours has made ramen an Indian culinary favourite

27 Oct 2023

Tummo: Beneath your breath

Drawing on the ancient wisdom of the shamans and sages, modern ‘breathfluencers’ are paving the way for a new kind of healing

21 Oct 2023

The influence of de-influencers

A new wave of content creators is shaking up the established influencer scene by prioritising purpose over profit, signalling the shift towards more responsible social media. 

14 Oct 2023

Channel your sleeping beast

Understanding your chronotype can transform productivity, efficiency and well-being  By Ayesha Singh

14 Oct 2023

These bags are made for gawking

A recent luxury trunk show at Hyderabad unveiled the work of four international bag designers making an entry into the Indian fashion scene By Ayesha Singh

19 Aug 2023

The Byju's bust: Decoding the rise and fall of the once most valued start-up

Byju Raveendran has become the poster boy of financial, ethical, moral and operational scandals. But the ed-tech tycoon is mounting a fierce fightback.

31 Jul 2023

The new Indian voyeurs and their stars

Antics of family vloggers and attention-grabbers dominate the world of digital viewing, leading to a money-spinning epidemic of absurdity online

29 Jul 2023

Introspection, powerful tool for self-regulation

As more people turn to mind-body practices to manage stress, the role of interoception—the awareness of internal bodily sensations—has become a powerful tool for self-regulation

29 Jul 2023

Join the ectoin band as your one-stop solution to all skin conditions

The lesser-known, multi-functional skincare ingredient has emerged as a game-changer for its remarkable efficacy in treating a host of skin conditions

22 Jul 2023

Breakthrough with brainspotting: Neurobiological tool to help people identify and release trauma

Brainspotting, a body-based modality that helps locate, process and release trauma, is gaining traction for its ease and effectiveness 

01 Jul 2023

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