Ayesha Singh

The big metabolic boost: Three most effective exercises for beginners

There are tonnes of theories enumerating ways to boost Metabolism.

26 Nov 2022

Marketing murder: On the surreal 'serial' killers

Every Saturday of this crime buff from Delhi has been dedicated to binging on true-crime teleseries. All her social engagements are worked around the date of a new release.

26 Nov 2022

Product review: Double delight 

The Alps Goodness Orange Peel Powder for Skin & Hair is a pocket-friendly, dual-purpose mask. Once you open the seal, a zip-log packet contains the powder that is unscented.

19 Nov 2022

How to beat brain burnout

Identify your most energetic time during the day. Don’t assume it’s the morning hours because it differs for everybody.

19 Nov 2022

In the ink of health, technology introduces intradermal tattoos

Colour-changing tattoos that help monitor several diseases are being considered the next frontier of at-home diagnosis.

19 Nov 2022

Best face forward: Skin care tips that actually work

 Gurugram-based dermatologist Gauri Chawla shares three ways of slowing this down beside the commonly known ones such as avoiding sun exposure.

05 Nov 2022

Time to get a micro habit and stop the damaging pattern

While changing a well-formed habit may sound daunting, instilling small, incremental changes can make life a lot easier

05 Nov 2022

Deep Dose of Hydration

The bottle won’t last you more than 10 days if you use it on the body and face, and for that reason, it is not pocket-friendly. 

03 Nov 2022

Out of the shadows: Heal by getting in touch with repressed parts of your being

Shadow work is a popular wellness tool being used by young professionals to be more productive, agile and focused at work

30 Oct 2022

Product Review - Perfection in Personal Care

We recently tried Carmesi’s facial razor for women and it proved itself as a useful personal care product for several reasons.

27 Oct 2022

Heart of the Matter

Cholesterol plays a major factor in contributing to poor heart health, but triglycerides, a kind of blood fat, are equally to blame, according to the Mayo Clinic.

27 Oct 2022

Think Right

Assumptions aren’t always accurate and can create unpleasantness or misunderstandings. Just make that move of asking what the other person means.

15 Oct 2022

Product Review - On the Bright Side 

L’Oreal Paris Glycolic Bright Day Cream with SPF 17 is the newest launch from the brand.

13 Oct 2022

In tune with time: Awareness of work-rest cycle reduces fatigue, boosts energy reserves

The ultradian rhythm determines productivity based on the body’s alternating rest-activity cycle, which lasts 80–120 minutes, approximately.

01 Oct 2022

Step up to comfort: Determine your foot arch type with a simple wet foot test

A 10-second wet foot test is the easiest way to know your foot arch type to pick the right shoe. The most effective way to treat this is by wearing footwear that supports your arches.

30 Sep 2022