Ayesha Singh

Product Review | Hair’s some healing

A small bottle arrived in the mail. At first, it was hard to believe that it was capable of such greatness. Pahadi Maati is an organic brand of natural hair oils.

28 Nov 2021

Product Review - Nourish Mantra

Late nights, binge eating, and excessive drinking due to Diwali festivities had taken a noticeable toll on my skin.

11 Nov 2021

Product Review: Natural face lift

The easiest way to plump up your cheeks is by using a contour palette. But contouring itself is not all that easy.

06 Nov 2021

Product review: Let’s talk self-care

There is a nip in the air. The wind is dry already. When I noticed my lips getting flaky, I didn’t waste any time in purchasing a scrub—a must-have lip care essential for winter.

30 Oct 2021

Product review: Japanese clean-up 

Let’s start with the most effective—the cleansing oil. Every bit of makeup melts as you massage your face and neck with the oil.

23 Oct 2021

In the footsteps of Ram

Ram Van Gaman Tourism Circuit is based on the Lord’s stay in Chhattisgarh during his 14-year exile from Ayodhya

23 Oct 2021

Product Review

There is little to not love about Love Earth, a brand that stands for all things herbal and organic.

14 Oct 2021

Tap into your memory's fullest potential

A simple hack to help you retain vital information longer than you think you could.

09 Oct 2021

Magnetic accuracy for limb control 

Examining new research from across the world.

09 Oct 2021

mCaffeine Product Review: Caffeine kick in beauty rituals 

Back in 2015 there was no other brand that sold caffeinated personal care. There are hardly any even today, which is why mCaffeine rules the segment.

09 Oct 2021

Baked goodies for a good gut

Patissier Avantika Sinha Bahl is trying to keep up with one of the fastest-growing food trends—baking that promotes gut health.

09 Oct 2021

The hygiene hypothesis    

Infectious disease is one of the leading causes of mortality in both children until age 14 years in India.

02 Oct 2021

Keep an eye out

You will be able to create several looks with this one palette but nothing outlandish as it only comprises warm, sober shades.

02 Oct 2021

The best of YouTube to keep you hooked

We went through scores of channels and selected some of the best based on the quality of information, diversity of conversation and visual creativity.

26 Sep 2021

Making of a Mail Pro

Life would be much easier if there was a magic button to answer all your emails, while you were on a vacation.

18 Sep 2021