Ayesha Singh

Festival hopes to rid Afrophobia

Through literature, theatre, music, art, poetry and food from the African continent, the intention is inclusion.

15 hours ago

Fantastic four: Upcoming artists talk about their artworks displayed in Modern Art Gallery

Modern Art Gallery also extends the platform to four promising new ones who paint an unbridled expression of their times.

12 Nov 2019

Sushi shoutout

Singh has seen the demand for sushi advancing considerably in the last year alone at his restaurant.

11 Nov 2019

Menu makeover at Monkey Bar

The other impressive updation is that of the Chili Cheese Roll with beetroot ketchup, while the Nimbu Masala Fries comes with pickled lemon aioli.

06 Nov 2019

Mohiniyattam gives ‘womanhood’ a sturdy platform

The text holds significance historically and continues to make its place in the present times because of its remarkable lyrical and poetic robustness.

05 Nov 2019

Migration woven into societal fabric

Ekaya Banaras’ garments reflect migratory routes that throw open myriad landscapes when one goes looking for a place to call home.

05 Nov 2019

16-year-old filmmaker Mauraya Sharma unravels the mysterious world of human desire

Sixteen-year-old filmmaker Mauraya Sharma explores whether one should embrace or shrug off desires society considers bold or crass

04 Nov 2019

Down a long-forgotten road: Ranjit Hoskote presents Ebrahim Alkazi's works

Ongoing art show collates prolific artworks by thespian and artist Ebrahim Alkazi who just turned 94.

03 Nov 2019

Desert ragas

The recently concluded Rajasthan International Folk Festival was a testimony to changing times as women step out to melodiously reclaim the arts

02 Nov 2019

Fashion to fitness: Meet the women who dominate India's IGTV

As Instagram TV beats YouTube in influence and reach, vloggers give personalised advice on fashion to fun.

02 Nov 2019

Bespoke parfum and bouteilles

In an elegantly packaged bottle comes sumptuous liquid luxury. Every note bears a whiff of purpose. It could be a reminder, aspiration or even therapy.

01 Nov 2019

The Lalit Suri Hospitality School empower all genders through education

In a distinct initiative, The Lalit Suri Hospitality Group announces scholarships for transgender students.

31 Oct 2019

Find out how this artist keeps 1,400-year-old folk art form of Gond alive

From imitating ancestors to conceiving new formations, Gond artists have kept both old and new articulations on an equal foundation.

31 Oct 2019

Asaya House team transforms Delhi buildings for the better

The Manor Hotel rolls out in a whole new avatar on its 20th anniversary, thanks to Asaya House.

30 Oct 2019

Kasturba Gandhi’s contribution to freedom struggle: An unsung eulogy

New play on Kasturba Gandhi aims to document the last years of her life spent in prison.

30 Oct 2019