Ayesha Singh

Manish Malhotra's sanitising care product review: Designing a ‘clean’ piece 

The line comprises antimicrobial facial wipes, hand sprays and handrubs,  tastefully jacketed in rose gold and black finish. The formulation is free of nasties. 

28 Nov 2020

As Bollywood finds itself in a drug mess, how harmful is marijuana? Let's find out

Centers for Disease Control data points out those pregnant mothers who smoke marijuana could bear underweight or premature babies.

28 Nov 2020

Hitting a tandoori century

2020 marks 100 years of the Moti Mahal chain of restaurants but its legacy alone will not help sustain business in a pandemic-hit world. Earning loyalty could.

28 Nov 2020

Chasing ideals one dance at a time

Juxtaposing the symbolic value of green in the Indian National Flag, with the position of women in society, is dancer Savitha Sastry with a new production

21 Nov 2020

An international field guide to vegetarian food

They’re sure underrated but pack a punch where meatless food is concerned 

07 Nov 2020

Is filmmaker Sangita Iyer the answer to the brutal treatment of India’s temple elephants?

A defender of Indian elephants, Sangita Iyer, has projects on the ground to save the species from torture, slavery and accidental deaths

07 Nov 2020

Product review

Aproduct of immense value, Bare Anatomy’s made-to-order pre-shampoo hair mask is a blend of botanicals that provides nourishment and solutions to a score of hair problems.

06 Nov 2020

Thinking of starting a YouTube channel? Ashish Chanchlani, Sejal Kumar, Bhuvan Bam have some tips for you

Three of YouTube’s celebrated faces—Sejal Kumar, Ashish Chanchlani and Bhuvan Bam—tell you how they got here and how you can too.

01 Nov 2020

Taking India on a ride: Pandemic streets witnessed bicycle rush amid lockdown, enthusiasm remains

'We’ve reclaimed the roads. It’s liberating,' says Adhar Bhardwaj, an event manager and consultant from Delhi, who purchased a Frog Cycles’ Munich model in July.

31 Oct 2020

Let’s get going: All you need to know before starting your YouTube channel

For good video, you need good audio as well, so investing in a microphone, which mounts on to your camera or your phone, is necessary. This is needed to record clear, crisp audios.

31 Oct 2020

'Red Fear: The China Threat' author Iqbal Chand Malhotra traces journey of two Asian giants

This made the Chinese envious and they had to wait another 300 years before they could put this into practice under one of the Ming emperors.

31 Oct 2020

Get the gram game on: Senior citizens get going in social media

Apart from offering a virtual escape, Instagram has become not just a source of entertainment but also well-being.

17 Oct 2020

Mysticism goes mainstream

Energy medicine is now being taken seriously. It’s not on the fringes anymore, and is paving the way for long-term holistic healing.

10 Oct 2020

Newsy Jacuzzi: A first-of-its-kind news podcast for children

In India, finding a noiseless space is a task.

10 Oct 2020

Think your little one might be a slow learner? Here's how you can help accelerate their learning

The unique system of learning is packed with engaging exercises and activities designed to bring out a baby’s true potential.

26 Sep 2020