RTI tale: 15 minutes to read 22,000 pages

Stop inner monologue, word–chunking, use timer, set goal... Thus goes the techniques of speed-reading.

02 Oct 2021

Needed, change in the way we celebrate

In case of ban, govt should take care of those employed at cracker units, say experts

27 Sep 2021

Will Vaippar river’s glory days return?

Today, neither that river nor the verdant farmlands along its banks exist in Sattur town; both are dead, and has been so for the past three decades.

26 Sep 2021

Brewing healthy tea and a safe workplace for women

So, instead of forcing the drink down, she decided to make a yummier alternative. And now, she even sells it.

26 Sep 2021

Groom Sivakasi for global fireworks market: Virudhunagar MP

Virudhunagar MP says the State government officials should step in to help rebrand the town’s crackers

25 Sep 2021

Sombre sparklers in Sivakasi this Deepavali

Ban on crackers in New Delhi has plunged Sivakasi’s units in despair, with manufacturers fearing other States might follow suit

24 Sep 2021

Special school funds future of its students 

The year was 1980. Darling Selvabai, who was working in a school for children with hearing disability in Manamadurai, was approached by a man to enroll his child in the school.

19 Sep 2021

5000 saplings in 48 hours: Meet the cyclist brothers working to make a greener TN a reality

With saplings on their bicycles and a vision pedalling them ahead, the brothers planted the saplings near temples, government offices and government hospitals in the district.

16 Sep 2021

NEET exam to be held Sunday, coinciding with death anniversary of Jothi

“This is not a coincidence. This is a reminder for us to work towards creating a society wherein no one is denied opportunities,” the family said.

12 Sep 2021

From field to auto, this TN para athlete hopes for U-turn

People are ready to sponsor a start-up or a petty shop. But when it comes to sports, they ask ‘What are you going to achieve by doing this?’,” said Porchezhiyan.

08 Sep 2021

Two groups of teachers run open-community schools in Virudhunagar district

It was when the teachers were called to schools in June to conduct admissions that the lot at Amathur Government Higher Secondary School understood that several parents had a common worry.

05 Sep 2021

A family dedicated to freeing this TN town from caste fetters

Krishnasamy Aasan, as he is fondly called by his students, started teaching Silambam in 1985, a time when its education was controlled based on caste lines.

29 Aug 2021

Virudhunagar pioneers an ‘Udhayam’ for disabled

Less than two months later, five accessible toilets have been set up at the homes of disabled persons, and construction of another five are underway.

22 Aug 2021

Calendar-makers brace for lean days as raw material supply falls

On Aadi 18 every year, calendar manufacturers compile an album of designs to be printed for the following year. 

22 Aug 2021

Poolithevar, Kattabomman in TN birth place of India' first war of independence?

75 years after gaining independence from the British, India is caught in a whirlpool of conversations around dissent and the silencing thereof.

15 Aug 2021