B Meenakshi Sundaram

Tamil folk tales rekindled in English

Then the little bird, as described in a folk tale, had no other option, but stay inside the dark space enveloped by the flower.”

21 Nov 2019

This motorbike is fuelled by water

Engineer R Yuvaraj produced alternative fuel for his motorbike from water, which provides more mileage and emits less pollution

07 Nov 2019

A cleaner look at Coimbatore’s history

Coimbatore’s connection to Kerala needs no introduction.

30 Oct 2019

Worshipping lord of death for longevity

MN Nambiar, the notorious of all villains in the MGR-starrer blockbusters, received no praise from the cinema buffs of yesteryear.

19 Oct 2019

The land in Coimbatore where real lives and reel scenes blur 

The Bhavani river will remind one of the scenes of Uthiripookkal directed by legendary filmmaker, J Mahendran, who passed away recently.

10 Apr 2019

A policeman who wields his pen instead of a lathi

An elderly man once protested in public and was about to immolate himself for the cause of Tamil language at Srivaikuntam, Thoothukudi district.

11 May 2017

'Visaranai' Probes Cops Excesses, Pins Hope on Judiciary

Wearing his tattered vest tucked in the dirty khaki trousers, ‘Auto’ Chandran was getting ready as usual to take his Savaris at the Jeeva Auto Stand at Hope College.

17 Feb 2016

Thyagi Bu.Bu Falls Short of Century, Had Razor Sharp Wit

A man, who played an active role in the Quit India movement, the 99-year-old freedom fighter ‘Bu.Bu’ Ramu breathed his last at his home in Ondipudur.

11 Oct 2015

Auto Driver Books Ride to Venice

When Kovai auto driver Chandrakumar penned a novel in 2006 narrating the brutality he suffered in a police lock-up in AP.

06 Sep 2015

Auto Driver's 'Lock Up' Goes to Venice After Visaranai

In a cruel twist of fate, he along with three of his friends were illegally detained and beaten up black and blue by the police for nearly 13 days for a crime that he did not commit.

04 Sep 2015

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