B Sudharsan

Soupy Tears Add 'Extra Seasoning' to Widespread Maggi Nostalgia

Five days after provision stores removed stocks off their shelves, students and working professionals who grew up on these noodles are more peeved than relieved

10 Jun 2015

She Cooks Topper Broth and How

Taking time off her studies a day ahead of the examination, Jaslin Jenisha prepared lunch that lifted her spirit

22 May 2015

Soon, 80 kmph Max Speed for Heavy Vehicles

Chennai activist’s letter pays as ministry to mandate speed governors from October

17 May 2015

No Grace Mark for Those Stumped by Tricky Math Paper

The school education department has firmly put down its foot against grace marks for any subject.

06 May 2015

Rain, Rain Don't Come Again, Cry Residents

For people of Bharathi Salai in Karambakkam, every bout of rain is a curse as it leads to an unhygienic mix of rainwater and sewage, besides stench and mosquito menace

20 Apr 2015

Is your Thirst-quenching Packaged Water Safe?

Docs warn that not all mineral water brands and water cans sold at retail outlets are safe for drinking and boiled water is a better option

15 Apr 2015

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