‘Translations energise me!’: Writer, editor Manisha Chaudhry on what gives her a literary 'kick'

She has been Adviser to the Kahani Festival and JUMPSTART, a children’s content congress run by the German Book Office.

8 hours ago

Piece of War: People of the savaged lands

The author is an expert on peace and conflict studies, and wanted to analyse the process of reintegration of child soldiers in society.

19 Oct 2020

If I am not feeling the story, I don't write for days: Author Zarreen Khan

The 40-year-old lives in Delhi with her husband. Khan just unveiled her third book, My Best Friend’s Son’s Wedding (HarperCollins).

18 Oct 2020

Finding the correct word is like an adventure: Delhi-based translator Nandini Guha

Delhi-based translator Nandini Guha is a (retd) Associate Professor of English from the College of Vocational Studies, University of Delhi.

11 Oct 2020

Cycling over colour in Delhi's Lodhi Garden

In Delhi’s Lodhi Garden and Lodhi Colony, along with the lush greenery and heritage architecture, is freshly painted street art over cycling tracks adding to the contemporary character of the area

08 Oct 2020

Artist Paribartana Mohanty helps you create a self-portrait and how!

The project centres on labour, exploitation and resistance in the creative fields.

07 Oct 2020

INTERVIEW | Try not to be lazy: Poet Sukrita Paul Kumar gives writing advice

She is an artist and has published several collections of poetry, translations and critical works.

04 Oct 2020

‘Every day, my only intention is to learn’: Writer, photographer Ronojoy Sircar

Ronojoy Sircar is a writer, photographer, film-maker, and musician (R#onbus & Three Hrs) from New Delhi.

27 Sep 2020

Made DIY makeshift light softbox, says Delhi filmmaker Vijay Raghavan on new movie

Delhi-based Filmmaker Vijay Raghavan made Caged, a short film that captures the entrapment of a child in a setting of domestic violence.

21 Sep 2020

INTERVIEW | I feel relieved after writing: Bilingual poet Alka Tyagi

Alka Tyagi has been conducting poetry reading sessions at Delhi monuments with acclaimed poets, for over 10 years now.

20 Sep 2020

Writing anchors me between both worlds, says Author Pratyaksha

She has won the Sonbhadra Katha Samman award 2011, Indo Norwegian prize for her story in 2013,

13 Sep 2020

Stop wasting your time and write: Author Arun Sagar

Arun Sagar has published two books of poems, Anamnesia (Poetrywala, 2013) and A Long Walk in Sunlight (Copper Coin, 2020).

06 Sep 2020

Observe yourself, observe others, observe nature: Writing advice from poet K Satchidanandan

For writing poetry, it is hard to fix a schedule beforehand.

30 Aug 2020

‘Be less reverential about idea of art’: 'The Scent of God' author's advice to his younger self

I think success is the wrong word to use with literature. This is not investment banking or even science, where there are objective criteria, says author Saikat Majumdar.

23 Aug 2020

INTERVIEW | A writer needs to learn to live with a sense of despair: Author Manju Kapur

Manju Kapur’s Difficult Daughters, won the Commonwealth Prize for best first novel, Eurasia region.

16 Aug 2020