For me, writing is a form of nirvana: Poet Sarabjeet Garcha

Sarabjeet Garcha is a poet, translator, editor and publisher. He is the author of four books of poems, including A Clock in the Far Past and a collection in Hindi.

05 Aug 2020

INTERVIEW| Writing empties and exhilarates me: Author AJ Thomas

His noted contributions include Germination (1989), Aagaami Pal Ka Nirman (2010),  Bhaskara Pattelar and Other Stories (1993) and Reflections of a Hen in Her Last Hour and Other Stories (2000).

26 Jul 2020

Revisiting archival musings of leading artists

Several art galleries are finding newer ways to connect with their visitors in the pandemic.

25 Jul 2020

‘A good sentence or turn of phrase can make one feel pure happiness’: Author Siddhartha Sarma

His recent non-fiction title was Carpenters and Kings: Western Christianity and the Idea of India (Penguin Hamish Hamilton India, 2019).

21 Jul 2020

'I continued working even from the hospital bed': The cancer survivor's podcast

A cancer survivor has started a podcast, that is helping her and others appreciate life much more than before

21 Jul 2020

I play language like an instrument: Author Meenakshi Reddy Madhavan

Meenakshi Reddy Madhavan is the author of seven books and is working on a new manuscript; details to be announced soon.

12 Jul 2020

The urban New Delhi, reimagined as an artist’s studio

In a new project, a Delhi-based architectural photographer documents the urban character of the city

09 Jul 2020

Recourse in poetry

The ongoing pandemic has made several poets dwell in the comfort of words more than ever before.

08 Jul 2020

New poets, new mediums

These new writers are promoting their works at several poetry platforms on social media that have their own set of dedicated followers.

07 Jul 2020

‘Writing for myself is more fun’: Author Samit Basu

He’s written bestsellers, won awards, and been published in multiple countries and languages. Basu is also the co-writer/director of a Netflix film, a comic writer and columnist.

05 Jul 2020

INTERVIEW| I don’t have a very fixed writing schedule: Author Devapriya Roy

Roy co-wrote The Heat and Dust Project with her husband Saurav Jha – a travel-memoir based on their travels around India on a very tight budget.

28 Jun 2020

Young Mental Health: Protecting young minds

Containing lived experiences,  interviews with mental health workers and comics, the book is anything but preachy

26 Jun 2020

The rights of maids are pretty limited in India: Tripti Lahiri

Lahiri authored Maid in India: Stories of Inequality and Opportunity Inside Our Homes, a non-fiction book about class and inequality in Indian homes

20 Jun 2020

‘No such book as the definitive book’:  'In Search of Heer' author Manjul Bajaj on writing hacks and more

Gurugram-based Manjul Bajaj is the author of several books. 'In Search of Heer', a modern, multi-layered retelling of the Heer Ranjha story is her latest novel.

14 Jun 2020

Theatre groups using digital tools to survive amid COVID-19 pandemic

The Little Theatre Group (LTG), a 50-year-old collective in Delhi, had plans to conduct its rehearsals on a new terrace space.

10 Jun 2020