Banking on patriarchy

"All the debates emerging from the Netflix show about the boy’s parents demanding a ‘slim-trim and beautiful girl’ were not wrong. In Indian society, this is the reality," says Sima Taparia

20 Apr 2021

'Sayed Haider Raza is a biographer's dream'

In an illuminated biography of artist SH Raza, author Yashodhara Dalmia taps into the artist’s life, marked with struggles and acclaim

09 Apr 2021

Guide to raising children as dynamic citizens

In this eventful world, children find themselves in the midst of conflicting ideas. A new book attends to parents’ needs of helping their kids grow well without discounting their natural faculties

03 Apr 2021

New stage for theatre

With pandemic-induced movement restrictions, art and culture courses offered through the physical medium came to a long pause.

25 Mar 2021

Journalism as a canvas for #MeToo novel

Set in the capital city, newly-launched book Civil Lines addresses workplace struggles.

07 Mar 2021

Second innings: Guftugu host Syed Mohd Irfan returns to fold with Rekhta Foundation

As popular show Guftagoo takes a leap from Rajya Sabha TV to Rekhta Foundation, its well-known host Syed Mohd Irfan talks about his second innings.

01 Mar 2021

Raza’s odyssey

Sayed Haider Raza’s newly-launched biography, written by Yashodhara Dalmia, will also be published in many Indian regional languages

27 Feb 2021

‘Sarbari’s love for music was legendary’

A new exhibition in the capital showcases works by acclaimed sculptor Sarbari Roy Choudhury, embedded in rhythms

10 Feb 2021

Tender is the word: New poetry

Closer home, Ranjit Hoskote’s The Poet’s Life offers multiple views, and as the name suggests, tenderly describes the life of a poet along with his financial struggles.

28 Jan 2021

Looking at the world, from one language to another

At The Morning Standard, we curate the best of the upcoming translated titles that attempt to look at the world through a myriad of renditions.  

25 Jan 2021

Children’s adventures: from facts to fiction

What better way to start your year picking up Ruskin Bond’s latest Hop On: My Adventures on Boats, Trains and Planes with illustrations by Samrat Halder.

14 Jan 2021

The mountains are calling

Journalist and travel writer, Priyanka Pradhan makes her debut as a children’s author with Tales from the Himalayas, an illustrated collection of 17 stories to entice children to discover the mountain

13 Jan 2021

Movements in colour

Delhi’s Nature Morte art gallery has moved to two new locations in the midst of a pandemic. The directors tell us more.

06 Jan 2021

Gautam Choubey interview: ‘I was quite smitten by the story’

Gautam Choubey, while talking about translating a Bhojpuri classic, delves into the lesser-known world of the language

24 Dec 2020

White was the colour of power for centuries: Rasil Ahuja

I started using fairness creams around the age of 13 after my return to India from the US. Until then, I’d been such a tomboy,

24 Dec 2020

A deluge of pandemic-inspired art is waiting to arrive, says author Udayan Mukherjee

Among the series of literary forms emerging out of Covid-19, Udayan Mukherjee's latest book appears to journal the harrowing times with diverse experiences

13 Nov 2020

‘Don’t throw poems written in pubs on tissue paper’

The ocean, the commotion of the city, the silence of graveyards – have all beckoned him with their hauntedness.

13 Nov 2020

INTERVIEW | Any aspect of the mountains and the waters fascinate me: Photographer Kishore Thukral

KIshore Thukral realised the indispensability of a camera on his early treks in the ‘90s.

13 Nov 2020

‘Translations energise me!’: Writer, editor Manisha Chaudhry on what gives her a literary 'kick'

She has been Adviser to the Kahani Festival and JUMPSTART, a children’s content congress run by the German Book Office.

25 Oct 2020

Piece of War: People of the savaged lands

The author is an expert on peace and conflict studies, and wanted to analyse the process of reintegration of child soldiers in society.

19 Oct 2020

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