Indian art fraternity mourns the demise of a doyen

His black and white nude studies have their own distinct narrative.

08 Jan 2020

Discover historical narratives of India and Cambodia overlap in art exhibition in Delhi

Curator Erin Gleeson, on her latest exhibition ‘Out of Line’ that aims to showcase contemporary Cambodian art

06 Jan 2020

CAA stir: Visual narratives of dissent

Ram Rahman, on curating a photo display at Safdar Hashmi memorial 

03 Jan 2020

Revisiting the rasa theory

A new art show in the capital city takes the viewers into engaging themes and styles as interpreted by top artists

02 Jan 2020

A classic impacts readers in many ways

The Penguin Festival showcases books that gained the status of classics.

28 Dec 2019

Protest posters on fleek since 1971

A recent show on pamphlets and posters by India’s dissenting voices since 1971 was prematurely de-installed. The curator tells us more.

22 Dec 2019

Cosplayers are all set to rule Delhi with new costume play formats

As poeple gear up for Comic Con India, Jatin Varma, the founder, tells us what the three-day long festival has in store for us.

19 Dec 2019

Dance of the divine

Acclaimed production brings to life the stories of Shiva and Parvati, as told by Nandi and Simha.

16 Dec 2019

Veteran actor Waheeda Rehman turns photographer!

Photography is my passion, says 82-year-old Waheeda Rehman.

15 Dec 2019

Regional comedy is on the rise: EIC founder Sapan Verma

East India Comedy's leading comedian spoke about his beginning in the field, One Mic Stand and the status of English stand-up comedians.

14 Dec 2019

Delhi, the perennial muse

Two of the shortlisted books for DSC Prize for South Asian Literature 2019 have Delhi as the main plot. The authors tell us more.

10 Dec 2019

‘We hold the mic and share an equal space’

A number of people reached out to the author after reading his book.

07 Dec 2019

Beyond Belief: Visionary for the visually-impaired

Delhi based filmmaker Beenu Rajpoot has made a new documentary on the visually-impaired who’ve worked hard to lead a good life.

03 Dec 2019

Delhi's art exhibition connects the pain, remorse and memories of amputees

The term ‘Phantom Limb’ refers to the sensation experienced by an amputee that his missing limb is still attached to the body.

01 Dec 2019