Fertiliser shortage across Karnataka, complain farmers

The demand is the highest in June and July and any shortage, either due to lack of supplies or hoarding by unscrupulous traders, will lead to big shortfalls in agriculture production.

20 Jun 2022

Congress has not done homework before stir: Experts

Giving newspaper advertisements to explain their point of view would have also helped.

18 Jun 2022

Forest brigand Veerappan’s nemesis, Shankar Bidari, inspires doctoral thesis

The nemesis of the dreaded Veerappan gang, police officer Shankar M Bidari, has now inspired a doctoral thesis. 

16 Jun 2022

Investment and infrastructure:  From plagued Bengaluru to beyond  

Today, while it is true that Bangalore aka Bengaluru is a brand and a name that is recognised across the world, it is not without its huge share of challenges.

13 Jun 2022

Will protest on Bommai’s home turf demanding 2A reservation status: Panchamsalis

Community leaders meet Bommai, express displeasure over not granting 2A status

07 Jun 2022

What’s this road! Angry Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw slams Karnataka govt

Biocon, one of the biggest Bengaluru-based companies, is unhappy with the quality of roads in the state capital.

07 Jun 2022

Karnataka Cabinet rejig after June 15, new faces likely to find place

The BJP’s much-awaited cabinet reshuffle is now scheduled some time in the third week of June, after the model code of conduct norms are eased.

06 Jun 2022

Karnataka's ‘honey’ ambitions to go up in smoke?

Government’s force of apiarists has shrunk to just seven with over 100 vacancies and by 2026, the last of the specialists retires 

06 Jun 2022

It’s photo finish for Rajya Sabha polls as Congress hardens stand

Party refuses to withdraw second candidate, claims it has 71 second preference votes

04 Jun 2022

Rohith Chakrathirtha’s tweets from 2016 surface to haunt him, Bommai informed

Social media on Thursday was caught up in a maelstrom of tweets put out six years ago by Rohith Chakrathirtha, head of the Textbook Revision Committee.

03 Jun 2022

Time to act collectively to save planet, urge scientists

Dr Sharachchandra Lele, distinguished professor at ATREE, Bengaluru, is the only participant from India in this elite group. 

03 Jun 2022

Congress, JDS try to convince each other for Rajya Sabha seat

If both decide to contest the election, BJP’s Lehar Singh will win

02 Jun 2022

Karnataka collects 60% more GST than last year

Karnataka has collected Rs 3,500 crore more as compared to the same period last year.

02 Jun 2022

Rajya Sabha elections: Advantage BJP in battle for extra seat

The BJP appears to have a clear advantage in the battle for the fourth Rajya Sabha seat, while Kupendra Reddy (JDS) and Mansur Khan (INC) may find the going difficult.

01 Jun 2022

Rajya Sabha polls: Cross-voting worries for BJP, Congress

BJP has 121 MLAs and will need 92 votes for its two nominees Nirmala Sitharaman and Jaggesh.

31 May 2022