Bechu S

Forest Post: A Western Ghats tale of conservation entrepreneurs fighting the good fight

'Forest Post' engages with forest-dwelling tribal communities and encourages them to harvest minor forest produce and secure livelihoods close to their homes.

21 Nov 2021

Meet Prem Menon, the only Indian in Colorado police force in USA

Prem Menon's first job in the US was as a dish washer. He was promoted to become a server before becoming a front desk staff. He went on to do several odd jobs while pursuing his degree...

12 Nov 2021

Five years of demonetisation: How over 800 tonnes of shredded notes ended up in South Africa

A tender issued to Western India Plywood Limited (WIPL) one month prior to demonetisation went on to prove prescient

08 Nov 2021

From currency of great denomination to the plywood factory: Where the demonetised notes went

After being verified, sorted, shredded, recycled, they were sent to Kerala's North Malabar region– where it was further pressed into pulp to produce something charged with 28 percent GST–hardboard.

08 Nov 2021

Confinement by family over love, relationship: Here's how to face it legally

When reasoning doesn't work, some families switch to detaining youth at homes and cutting off their communication with the outer world. This can be avoided without bringing legal wrath on parents.

16 Oct 2021

INTERVIEW | Keen on deciding what you want to learn? Try heutagogy, say Beyond 8 founders

Learners should be like monarchs in an education system. Heutagogy is built on a grand premise. What exactly does it have to offer? We talk to a school imparting heutagogy to find out.

29 Sep 2021

Police harassment in Kerala: How, where to file a complaint against cops; is it legal to record police action?

Do you know the Kerala Police has no right to prevent public from lawfully making video record of any action or activity? Here is how citizens can deal with police highhandedness legally.

08 Sep 2021

Nipah virus Explainer: All you need to know about the deadly viral disease

Here is all you need to know about the viral outbreak that has claimed several lives so far in Kerala.

05 Sep 2021

Romelu Lukaku is new Chelsea no 9: Morata, Falcao and three others who wore the iconic jersey at Stamford Bridge

Now that Tammy Abraham has moved to Serie with AS Roma, Lukaku will be donning the no 9 shirt for Chelsea -- a shirt that has not been lucky for many players.

27 Aug 2021

Kerala sets an example: Catholic church allows Hindu cremation for woman in their cemetery

With all available crematoriums under water, a Hindu woman in Alappuzha's Ramankary was cremated as per her faith in the premises of the local Catholic church.

17 Aug 2021

Stealing the show with sniffs and trumpets: Malayalam cinema's favourite animals

From Arjun the German shepherd to Pinky the goat, here are some of Mollywood's famous animals that stole their scenes and our hearts

15 Aug 2021

Kerala lockdown a punch below the belt for martial art teachers

When things were getting better, the second wave arrived, pinning down the martial art masters. Can self defence be taught online - there was only one way to find out...

13 Aug 2021

Frozen by lockdown: Kerala photographers turn to 'Save the Date' and live streaming to survive  

The expensive cameras and high-end computers used in studios are now in need of repairs due to the lack of daily use. These include lenses worth several lakhs.

29 Jul 2021

The anniversary WhatsApp scam is back, now it's Lulu Hypermarket 'offering free gifts'!

Trusting the Lulu logo on the top left of the page, thousands have shared the link over WhatsApp in Kerala alone believing the 'promotion' to be real.

14 Jul 2021

Cap on entry at weddings but not Bevco outlets: Struggling caterers vent ire over Kerala's unlock

The All Kerala Caterers Association feels as long as the government lets no more than 20 people at weddings and similar events, things are not going to improve for them.

14 Jul 2021