Bhavneet Singh

Summer vacation pangs

Jealousy is a very difficult emotion to deal with – especially if it is irrational. I’m a 28-year-old who works a good job, follows a nice passion and writes a column.

09 Jun 2022

Life of a minority

Comic Bhavneet Singh talks about the perils of being a club football fan in a country that worships cricket

19 May 2022

How to keep your job safe as you transition from work from home to work from office

Another thing that is okay while working from home but isn’t okay at your workplace is lying down right beside your plate after your lunch. This can land you in a lot of trouble at the workplace.

30 Apr 2022

Will can, so Will will?

The same stage where AR Rahman picked up his Oscar for India a few years ago became the site of Will Smith picking up a familiar habit from India (and the Oscar, later). 

31 Mar 2022

Modern warfare with a twist

Putin’s invasion (known as ‘special operation’ in Russian) of Ukraine has cast a genuine shadow of war on a world that had just started to recover from the pandemic.

17 Mar 2022